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Not every intelligent person on earth can be called a genius. It takes a higher form of brain power or ability to be considered as such. Some would say that being a genius is synonymous with being crazy or at least have some form of disorder.

Abraham Lincoln and Leo Tolstoy were known to have battled depression more than half of their lifetime, Ludwig Van Beethoven allegedly had bipolar disorder and Leonardo da Vinci was said to have suffered from dyslexia.

I share my boys' belief that da Vinci's truly the most fascinating 'genius' the world has ever known. He was the granddaddy of inception of various disciplines - from science to music. He was a jack of all trades and have mastered all. He was an extraordinary visionary and a skilled observant. I'm very much enthralled by people who possess such, probably because my so-called 'vision' extends to what I should cook for dinner...period.

When we learned {from When In Manila} that the travelling exhibit, "Da Vinci ~ The Genius", was coming to The Mind Museum, we knew that it would be such a stupid move not to see it. 

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum

The Da Vinci ~ The Genius exhibit is located at the Special Exhibition Hall of The Mind Museum. That's the one at the side of the museum if you're coming from the main hall.

The exhibit is a joint effort from the Anthropos Association and Grande Exhibitions. Putting together a genius' work is, of course, no easy task. It took 10 years for them to create the exhibit! A Da Vinci expert, Modesto Veccia {Anthropos Association President}, carefully coordinated with Italian artisans to build Da Vinci's sketched inventions with utmost precision.

The following are Da Vinci's key works featured at the exhibit:

  • Large scale machine inventions, many interactive, crafted by modern day Artisans in Italy. The machines are based on the Artisan’s meticulous and lengthy studies into Leonardo’s codices
  • Facsimiles of a fascinating collection of codices
  • Life & times of Leonardo da Vinci presentation
  • Leonardo’s mysterious alphabet & writing technique
  • Reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s amazingly accurate and detailed anatomical drawings
  • Reproductions of the Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Renaissance artwork in actual size
  • The Battle of Anghiari preparatory drawings
  • The famous Vitruvian Man image and explanation in a world exclusive 3D animation
  • The Last Supper 3D animation projected in actual size
  • The creation of the Mona Lisa 3D animation
  • The great Sforza horse sculpture 3D animation
  • Educational programs – primary and secondary levels
  • Leonardo da Vinci Documentary
  • Audio tour
  • Leonardo da Vinci merchandise shop

*taken from the official Da Vinci The Genius website

Below are just a fraction of what you will see at the Da Vinci ~ The Genius exhibit at The Mind Museum:

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Vitruvian Man

The Vitruvian Man is my all time favorite Da Vinci work. It depicts the Golden Ratio {Phi 1.618} in relation to the human body. The Golden Ratio is said to be the number of all things beautiful. 

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Mona Lisa

You can view a replica of Da Vinci's most famous painting, Mona Lisa, in its original color. Years of restoration have actually comouflaged Da Vinci's primordial work. The sky was painted in a very expensive pigment called lapiz lazuli. There is only one manufacturer of the said pigment today and it costs $20,000 per kg.!  

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum

Dozens of mechanical inventions - from ball bearings to a glider - can be viewed at Da Vinci ~ The Genius exhibit. 

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Aerial Screw

Vita Aera {Aerial Screw} is said to be the predecessor of the modern helicopter.

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Ornithopter

Da Vinci designed the Macchina Volante {Flying Machine} due to his obsession in making humans fly. The ornithopter is a machine that mimic's the flapping of birds' wings.

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum

Ingranaggio Elicoidale o Vite Senza Fine {Helicoidal Mechanism}

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum

Ingranaggio a Lanterna {Cog-Wheels Lantern Mechanism} 

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Mirror Room

See how much of a genius Da Vinci was? He was able to visualize that 'selfie' will be a big thing someday hence the creation of the Stanza degli Specchi {Mirrors Room}! It's a selfie addict's/narcissistic's dream mirror! We can see every part of ourselves from different angles! This is a must try!

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Scuba Gear

Respiratore Subacqueo {Underwater Breathing Gear} gave me the creeps but the concept still wowed me a lot! I even asked the janitor if there's someone inside the suit. He just said no and walked away. He was probably thinking how stupid the question was given the fact that we were in a museum and not some horror house. 

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Clock

Meccanismo d' Orologio {Clock Mechanism}

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Gun Machine

Mitragliatrice a Tre Registri {Three-Registered Gun Machine}

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Ponte Salvatico Bridge

The Ponte Salvatico {Emergency Bridge} is a bridge that's meant to be constructed swiftly during battle. Try the small scale version with your kids and see how fast you can construct it! It's not graded {nor is there a price for the one who can construct it the fastest}, so don't be too anxious or overly competitive.

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum Tank

Carro Armato {Tank}

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit Codices

Codices {Notebooks} are a compilation of his drawings and text written in shorthand that he invented. Also, he wrote them all in a format called mirror writing. 

Most are lost and those that were found were rearranged into codices. The only one that is in private hands is the Codex Leicester. It is owned by Bill Gates. 

I would buy the whole collection if I have his money and put them all under my pillow! Tell me you didn't do that back in grade school. Osmosis-by-book-under-the-pillow works!

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit The Mind Museum

Da Vinci's study about anatomical structure and physiology is my second favorite amongst all his works. His teacher, Andrea del Verrocchio told him that in order to make his art great, he needs to study the greatest machine of all: the human body. He was given access to the hospital Santa Maria Nuova to dissect cadavers. The way he sketched each one is truly stunning! 

If you have spare time, I urge you to go visit this amazing exhibit at The Mind Museum {runs from September 1 until November 30, 2013}. Aside from viewing his amazing work, you'll be amazed as to how he became a superstar despite the circumstances he was born into. It's very inspiring. 

Kids will - or might - realize that if they only spend their time thinking {we lack critical thinkers nowadays} instead of playing Clash of Clans, then maybe there is that great big chance that they will become geniuses too. After all, "Geniuses are made, not born."

Ticket Prices:

PhP 250
Children and Private School Students
PhP 200

*You can either buy your tickets at the Mind Museum ticket booth or here.

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit
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