Red Ribbon Birthday Budget Planner Microsite

Red Ribbon Dedication Cakes Birthday Budget Planner

Remember when I first talked about Red Ribbon's Dedication Cakes and The Birthday Budget Planner site? I was able to use the microsite a few days ago and was really pleased with the outcome.

Here's why I like Red Ribbon's microsite:

1/ It's quick and easy to use

It only takes a few seconds to type the text that you want on the virtual cake or fill out the name of the celebrant and his/her's date of birth.

2/ Fun to use

You can let your imagination run wild and type whatever you want on the virtual cake, delete it and do the whole thing all over again! Plus, you don't have to wait for the outcome. You will see it immediately on your screen, or how it will look like, at least.

For the smiley cakes that I did, I simply deleted all the existing texts {To, Dedication Message, From} and took a screenshot. I then printed out a big smiley and pasted it on the middle.

3/ No room for error

A friend of mine constantly complain about her daughter's name being 'sabotaged' whenever she would order a birthday cake for her. Her daughter's name is not-so-common, but it's also not that hard to spell. I think that her bad penmanship is the reason why her daughter's name is constantly being misspelled. 

In this case, the one who will decorate your Red Ribbon Dedication Cake will not have an excuse for any error because the text is clearer than the blue waters of Boracay.......back in the early 90's. Printing out the design and text of the cake is much better than just a simple sketch or a handwritten text. 

Have you tried it yet? If not, check out the Red Ribbon microsite here! Try one for yourself! 

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