The Binary Letter Cream Trend

'Two is better than one' doesn't just apply to heads nor is it a hoarder's motto. This idiom can be applied to anything in need of a good emphasis hence the birth of the creams with double letters.

What was once reserved for brassiere cup sizes has now moved to facial skin enhancers. From AA to EE {coming soon!}, there's no stopping this double-letter beauty trend. I'd be more amazed than surprised if this goes all the way to ZZ - Zit-zapping? Zone-zesting? That's it. I'm all idea'd out. I'll leave the word morphing to the experts.

Like most of you, I fell into that curiosity trap that led me to try a couple of these creams; and like you, I also had my fair share of great and tad-bit-awful-and-a-damn-waste-of-money experiences.

anti aging cream neutrogena murad origins

AA [Anti-Aging] Cream

Power: Anti-aging creams are principally pumped with moisturizers to impede the foibles of aging - wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration. 

I welled up the first time I bought an anti-aging cream. It's a big slap to mortality. But, as they say, "the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

Anti-aging creams are okay if you've got dry or normal skin, but if you're born with an irritatingly super sensitive oily skin like mine, looking for the perfect match can be quite a pain. I haven't really tried a lot, but out of all the few that I've used, the ones that worked for me are these: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Cream, Murad Acne & Wrinkle Reducer, and Origins Starting Over Age-Erasing Oil-Free Moisturizer.

blemish balm bb cream

BB [Blemish Balm] Cream

Power: BB creams are similar to tinted foundation but with far more add-ons {foundation, primer, moisturizer, concealer, has good sun protection properties {some}, controls shine, and evens out skin tone}. Also, it's humidity-resistant. A major plus living in country with 110% humidity 362 1/2 days a year.

Although majority of those that I've tried didn't disappoint, the one thing that I don't like about BBs is the coverage. It's subtle. Application of a face powder after is necessary.

I like L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream, and Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream.

color correction cc cream tony moly hydroxatone

CC [Color Correction] Cream

Power: As the name suggests, CCs primary aim is correcting skin discoloration problems such as redness, sallowness, dark spots and age spots. It's like BBs on steroids.   

This is a gold mine in my perspective. I would disembogue a whole tube in my mouth and down the whole thing with coffee if I can to up the potency. It's lighter and covers better than BBs. I find CCs more friendly on acne-prone skin. 

dynamic do all dd cream

DD [Dynamic Do-All] Cream

Power: DDs are, apparently, a powerhouse skincare and makeup. It has the benefits of AAs, BBs, and CCs!

That's a lot of power! I have yet to try this, but the product's supposed benefits makes me think that I might just end up looking like Candice Swanepoel after initial application. Will let you guys know.  


EE [Extra Exfoliation] Cream 

Power: Super exfoliation! Previse Skincare's EEs contains EE marine granules, oatmeal, bamboo stem powder, jojoba beads, and algae extract to name a few. 

It works by adding the product to your favorite cleanser and turn it into super exfoliating wonder. It will apparently mimic Clarisonic brush's effectiveness.  

So, you have to shell out $40 for this product and a few more for a cleanser? Hmmm.... Watcha think? Would you buy one?

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