The Burger Project: Design Your Own Burger

Thank goodness for create-your-own food joints such as The Burger Project; these places amps up a customer's dining experience by about 50% {my humble best guess}.

As you may well know, food is highly subjective. A simple factor such as adding or withholding a slice of tomato makes a lot of difference for a lot of people. This is the luxury of BYOBs {Build Your Own Burger} or DYOBs in this case. You can design your very own burger according to your preference - no matter how weird that may be - without judgment. 

I get a confused look sometimes from fellow customers at coffee shops because of the way I take my coffee. It's not about being arduous or anal; you just want something done in a certain way because that's what your palate commands and that's okay. I need someone to concede with me. Anyone? 

The Burger Project is a semi self-service joint that serves more than just burgers and allows or rather, encourages you to 'personalize' your burger. With numerous add-ons available, one will never get tired of coming up with options. 

Chef Edward Bugia told us a story about this young man who went to The Burger Project, stared at the menu board for a couple of minutes then told one of the servers how many combinations can be done with all the patties and toppings. It's more than 250,000! That number's for a single patty only! 

That brainiac's, apparently, taking up one of the natural science courses. FYI, he ordered after showing everyone that he possesses a beautiful mind. What a show-off.  

The point is this: boredom is eliminated from this joint. You go in and have a whole new experience every single time. Well, that is until you've tried all the combinations, of course.      

The Burger Project Design Your Own Burger

Journey to Personalized Burgerdom

STEP 1: You'll be given a checklist. Obviously, I forgot to take a shot of that. The checklist contains patty choices{beef, chori, chicken and tofu} to various toppings and more - milkshakes, designer fries, etc. 

Your creativity will not be limited by designing a burger because you'll be asked to name it too! 

STEP 2: Pay

STEP 3: You can watch while your burger is being prepared or use the time to catch on the latest rants your friends make on Facebook.

STEP 4: Instagram your food. Don't forget to tag @thebrgrproject.

STEP 5: Enjoy your amazing creation! 

What if you're just too lazy to design your own burger? They have pre-crafted creations {Western Bacon Melt, Sloppiest Joe, Bleu Buffalo, French Lick, and Tokyo Pop} for you to choose from! 

Animal Fries The Burger Project Design Your Own Burger

Burger is just a tad bit meh without fries. The Burger Project went all-out with this one! Out of all the three choices, we opted for the Animal Fries. First of all, these are fresh-cut fries. This alone makes the taste paramount. It's topped with minced garlic and onions, grated cheese, cheddar cheese sauce, and their special BRGR sauce that made everything irresistibly good!  

The Burger Project Design Your Own Burger

Behold the Kick-Ass Burger! My burger will make any vegetarian hurl then faint, but I love it! The thick patty was so fresh {zero rancidity}, perfectly cooked, juicy and had a distinct seasoned taste. Their patties are not additive-pumped. They don't use any fillers nor extenders, and that is a big hurrah! 

To make my burger extra sinful, I added grilled portobello mushrooms, onions, mozzarella, and bleu cheese sauce. My description will not give justice to how good this was. You have to go to know.

My mantra as I wolf down my burger was YOLO.  

Strawberry Milkshake The Burger Project Design Your Own Burger

I washed down my burger with a tall glass of thick, creamy, and overwhelmingly good special Strawberry Milkshake concoction.

My fellow food warriors swears by the deliciousness of the Cooky {Cookie Butter} and the Jerry {Dark Cherry Chocolate} as well. I'm going back for the Havee {Avocado}.

The Burger Project Design Your Own Burger Makati

Jaz's The Jazzie Burger is another good creation composed of single, thick premium beef patty, lettuce, tomato, white onions, jalapeƱo, bleu cheese, and bacon! 

If you're not really into meat, you can opt for an all-vegan burger. They can accommodate any preference within reason. They stay true to that corp cliche "customer is king"; and as a customer, that's one hell of a nice thing to know.

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

The Burger Project
38 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Makati 
Tel. No. 550-1781
Opening Hours: 11am - 12 midnight
Twitter: @theBRGRproject
Instagram: @thebrgrproject


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