Burgers + Brewskies at Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle

I would just like to start this post by clarifying something. I didn't eat all the specially crafted burgers from Burgers & Brewskies below. I wouldn't be writing this piece if I did. I shared it my fellow food warriors who has vowed to lose weight this year. Most of them, at least. That includes moi. This is how we do the diet thing.

It takes an enormous amount of discipline and courage to ignore these burger beauties. I have neither; that's why my "diet plan" remains a plan.    

Burgers & Brewskies is a new restaurant along the Forbes Town Center strip that serves more than what the business' name suggests. The dishes are moderately priced, but the taste is massive! It's not just an after-hours place for the boys; it's a family-friendly establishment as well. You have to go during lunch time or have an early dinner for the latter. 

S.P.F {Sweet Potato Fries}  PhP 65

Heads-up gluten-free food junkies! Burger & Brewskies serves Sweet Potato Fries with {mind the with} special hush-hush spice mix. I like sweet potatoes, so I find this one really good. That and the fact that the flavoring was done right. 

Buffalo  PhP 195

I was psyched to watch the Super Bowl when we visited Burgers and Brewskies. Seeing the variety of buffalo wings on their menu simply amplified the SBXLVII anticipation. If the B&B team decide to show the Super Bowl next year, this is definitely where I'm watching it! 

Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, the classic Buffalo is unforgettable. The coating is superbly seasoned with salt and pepper. I liked it even without the blue cheese dip.     

Honey Garlic  PhP 195

My second favorite is the Honey Garlic Buffalo Wings. The skin didn't lose its crispiness despite being dressed with sweet honey garlic sauce. The meat was very juicy and subtly flavored, not counteracting the coating's taste. 

I didn't try the spicy versions of their buffalo wings for fear of a heartburn attack. Yeah, my body found a way to limit my food intake. Oh, well...      

Onion Strings  PhP 95

What I like most about the Onion Strings was the thin coating. It sucks when there's more coating than onion. Why bother calling it 'onion rings' when the onions are a ghost of what it's supposed to be? Just ditch the word onions and go for rings.

Due to to the light coating, these flavorful strings didn't leave an unpleasant greasy taste in my mouth. I also like that they're cut in strings rather than the usual rings. It's so much easier to eat, and less messy too. 

Cuban Missile  PhP 120

This is definitely the bomb! If ever you're going to B&B, please don't pass up on this one. Grilled sweet corn on the cob is brushed with mayo and seasoned with chili powder and parmesan. If you're not up for the messy factor of this wonderful creation, ask the server to shred it for you. Squeeze the lime to round out the flavors.  

Call the Nurse  PhP 280

I asked the server two of their well-loved burgers. He confidently told me that Call the Nurse is one of their premier sellers. I just took a quick glance and immediately figured out why. It's a glorious stack of thick and juicy patty, B&B cheese sauce, spiced mustard aioli, seared mac & cheese, and strips of glistening honey sriracha bacon. The taste and texture? Excellent! 

Cloud Burger  PhP 230

The Cloud Burger defined delicious in a whole new level! A hearty all-beef patty lavishly topped with slices of balsamic glazed shiitake mushrooms with dried figs, roasted garlic aioli, and B&B cheese that's oozing down beautifully all around the sides - making a delicious mess in each and every bite! I can't curse on my blog because I'm trying my best to be virtuous, but I did when I tried this. 

Kandi  PhP 265

Bacon lovers will definitely find supreme bliss with Kandi - roasted garlic aioli, B&B cheese sauce, onion confit, and spiced candied bacon. This is undoubtedly satisfying, but I still prefer the Cloud Burger.

Heisenberg  PhP 250

I have zero doubt that my oldest boy will order the Heisenberg over the rest. The toppings {jicama celery slaw, bleu cheese sauce, bacon vinaigrette} will not contribute much to his choice; it is the name of the burger that will make him go for this one. He likes physicists...a lot!

So, if the quantum of gustatory satisfaction is based not just on flavor but texture as well, the Heisenberg nailed it. 

I had to inject "quantum" to sound eloquent, but ghettofied it in the end, still.  I just don't have it in me.    

Relish  PhP 225

I really liked the play of colors on this one. It's very appealing to the eyes. You know what they say about sensory activation during a meal, right? It makes you triple your weight in no time. Kidding! 

The Relish comprises of spiced mustard aioli, tomato jam, basil garlic pesto, pickled onions, and B&B cheese. Talk about flavor-packed! Well, they're too strong for me.

Hector Salamanca  PhP 240

'Contents are hot' cautions the guest about the Hector Salamanca {B&B cheese sauce, jalapeƱo crema, B&B chili oil, tomato salsa, and crisp nacho strips}. I appreciate that warning very much, and it's due to this that made me decide to shy away from this burger creation. Food warriors who have tried it found it very good.

Pinoys are getting more sophisticated when it comes to burgers as of late. The price and the taste will definitely give the go-to fast food burgers that majority of us are still so used to a run for their money. I say, it's about time. It's about time we have really delicious burgers that are reasonably priced sans the almost paper-thin, dry patties. Just saying.

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

B&B: Burgers and Brewskies 
Unit E, Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, 
Bonifacio Global City
Operating Hours:  Sunday-Thursday 11am-1130pm
                            Friday-Satruday 11am-2am
Twitter: @BnBrewskies
Instagram: @burgers_and_brewskies88

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