NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Merienda Dishes

Situated below my boys' favorite burger joint is a restaurant that serves well-loved Filipino dishes with just the right kind of tweak: NamNam.

We've been meaning to try the place for quite some time, but whenever we're in the area, we always end up at Burger Bar instead. My boys are just big burger fanatics. I can't stop them. Last week, we're finally able to devour a few of NamNam's merienda dishes, and I must say, the ones we ordered were quite impressive. I especially like the fact that they highlight some of the known dishes from certain areas of the Philippines. It's like a Nayong Pilipino of restaurants.

NamNam, for those unaware, is owned by The Moment Group. They are also the one behind Cue Modern Barbecue, 8 Cuts Burger Blends, and Burger Bar.

NamNam Spring Rolls NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Greenbelt 2
NamNam Spring Rolls  PhP 115

NamNam's Spring Rolls is one of the best that I've tried.  The soft and thin covering {fresh rice paper} holds a trove of wonderful textures and flavor {minced pork, vegetables, and crispy garlic bits}. A squeeze of hoisin peanut sauce in a zigzag pattern tops each wrap, giving the diner convenience. That is so much better than dipping the spring rolls in sauce or drizzling them with sauce every now and again. 

Caramelized Patis Wings NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Greenbelt 2
Caramelized Patis Wings  PhP 155

Ultra crispy chicken wings with very light coating are tossed in savory special sweet Palawan honey and patis glaze concoction. The taste is a perfect battle between salty and sweet. These wings are best paired with steamed white rice.......even during what should be a light meal such as merienda

Deep Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti Lumpia NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Greenbelt 2
Deep Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti Lumpia  PhP 110

Each bite of this is heavenly, I swear! Chopped chorizo mixed with fresh Laguna white cheese constitutes the filling. You get a full sweet and spicy flavor from the chorizo along with the creamy melted white cheese. Definitely malinamnam

Deep Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti Lumpia NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Greenbelt 2

Batil Patung NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Greenbelt 2
Batil Patung  PhP 170

It was my first time to try the Batil Patung - a noodle dish that originates from Tuguegarao {a province in Cagayan, Philippines}. Minced beef, sausage, liver, and vegetables are mixed with the egg noodles and topped with fried duck egg. The dish is very flavorful and becomes slightly creamy when mixed with the egg. It would've been better if they tone down the saltiness just a tad bit.

Pearls, Coffee, and Vanilla Parfait NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Greenbelt 2
Pearls, Coffee, and Vanilla Parfait  PhP 145

Being a coffee freak that I am, I would immediately pick something on the menu that includes coffee over anything else. This was definitely a good pick! It's a delicious mix of sago {pearls}, fresh ripe mangoes, espresso syrup, and vanilla ice cream. I shamelessly ordered a second one. I'm heavily jonesing on this now as I type. *sigh*

Pan de Churros con Tsokolate NamNam Filipino Comfort Food Greenbelt 2
Pan de Churros con Tsokolate  PhP 205

I, along with my siblings, have developed a deep love for churros due to our trips to Disneyland when we were younger. My Dad would buy us each this huge delicious fried treats along with a cold glass of lemonade. I actually looked forward to Disneyland's churros more than the rides as I age.

Obviously, NamNam's churros is not part of the merienda menu. I just ordered it because it intrigued me a lot when I saw the description on the menu. Deep fried pandesal batonnets? It didn't have that creamy and soft center of the usual churro. It's all crunch! To soften it a bit, I let a pandesal batonnet take a good soak in the rich tsokolate for awhile before I devour it while the words "This is good!" simultaneously bombards my brain.

NamNam's merienda dishes are available between 2pm-6pm daily. Unlike the mains, the merienda dishes comes in only one serving size.

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2, Makati City
Landline: (02) 625-0515
Mobile: 0917-5399661
Facebook: Namnam
Operating Hours: 11AM-11PM

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