WeChat: Valentine's Day Giveaway!

WeChat 2014 Valentine's Day Promo

'Long distance relationships never work' was a notion of the past. I don't have any stat to back this up, but I think the reason for such was equally due to both geographical and communication limitations. When I was younger, technology was very limited. Snail mail tops long distance calls because it's way cheaper. The former - along with putting a letter inside a bottle and throwing it in the sea - is romantic but very inconvenient. Waiting for a response from a paramour for days {years or never for the latter} was complete torture. That and the never ending chain letters. Gawd, I despised those. At some point, I did believe that someone will die if I didn't send it to 12 people though. Lame.

Advancement in technology, with all its pitfalls, allows couples to easily and inexpensively connect people wherever they are in the world. This will not guarantee a successful relationship. I mean, that still depends on the two of you. It will, however, make communication {a vital factor in relationships} so much easier. Having experienced the Jurassic type of missives and messaging, this definitely wows me until this day.

What is WeChat?

For those unaware, WeChat is a free instant messaging platform for smart phone {on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone operating systems}. WeChat users can add friends via a wide range of innovative actions and methods, including scanning QR codes, connecting users’ phone books and activating location-based functions such as “People Nearby” and “Shake”.  

The platform enhances social interaction by supporting exchanging of text, voice and video, stickers, and photos with their friends over data networks or under Wi-Fi environments.  Users can choose to communicate one-on-one, or within their closed social network through “Moments”.

WeChat 2014 Valentine's Day Promo

WeChat Philippines' "A Photo with My Valentine" Giveaway

Are you itching to give your girl an amazing V-Day gift without shelling out a buck {because you're practical}? No problemo! Join WeChat's Facebook promo entitled "A Photo with My Valentine!"

Promo Period:

February 10-16, 2014

  • Post a photo of your Valentine on your Facebook account. Your Valentine can be anyone or anything - girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, dog, cat, toys, your mobile phone, etc. Hey, true love knows no boundaries, right?
  • Use these tags along with your photo: #WeLove and @WeChatPH

The Prize:

The photo {Most Popular} that will have the biggest number of “Shares” and “Likes” will get to take home an iPad Air

The Most Creative Photo, the Sweetest Photo, and the Most Touching Photo will garner 1,000 diamonds on Gunz Dash. Don’t miss out on this chance of winning these prizes so snap away!

Unsolicited Love Advice:

All eyes here, ladies! Choose a guy who's practical and rational. Whether you like it or not, you cannot pay your monthly bills with love alone. A practical guy will help you do that with ease. That's being realistic, not materialistic. That's a li'l bit #wordfromyourmotha for yah! *wink* 

Oh, by the way, the contest is open to all PHL residents. The winner will have to claim the prize {iPad Air} in Manila.  

Go be practical, guys! If a girl tells you otherwise, ditch! Join WeChat's promo now!

For more details, visit www.wechat.com!

G'luck lovers!

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