A Step-By-Step Guide to WeChat's Chat History Backup

Exsisto Paratus is a Scout's motto that should be applied to all aspects of our daily lives. No matter how trivial something is, you always have to "be prepared". 

Having a good backup of message history is important. It can help you get through those someone-told-me-about-this-but-I-can't-remember days, an evidence for whatever, and to help you get a good night's rest. The latter is about those girls who keep rereading the messages of the guy they fancy before they hit the sack {"A smiley and an exclamation point! He so loves me!"}. You know who you are. No judgement. Been there, done that.     

WeChat's Chat History Backup feature corresponds with the scout's motto. It saves conversation histories and restores them to any device for up to seven (7) days.

A Step-By-Step Guide to WeChat's Chat History Backup

1/   Select "Settings" then click "General" 

2-4/   Go to "Chat History Backup" then click “Back Up” for conversations you wish to store

A Step-By-Step Guide to WeChat's Chat History Backup

5-7/   Protect your saved chats by setting a password

A Step-By-Step Guide to WeChat's Chat History Backup

8-10/  To restore your conversations on any device, simply log on and tap “Restore” on the Chat History Backup window. The backed-up history will be restored to your device from the server.

A Step-By-Step Guide to WeChat's Chat History Backup

Below is a rundown of several instances when this cloud storage solution by WeChat saves you from a mini heart attack:

  1. Retrieving important dates
Birthdays, anniversaries, or just about any date set for yearly celebrations are vital details easily forgotten by the human brain. Give your spatial memory an instant boost by referring to conversation histories, which may contain reminders of these occasions. 

  1. Keeping lists

If you observe daily routines, it’s easy to spot how digital messages have long replaced the function of tactile Post-its and refrigerator notes. Lacking several things in the pantry? Your mom could’ve sent you a grocery list via WeChat. Receiving a huge package with separate parts of a bike? One quick check of your history could bring up a message from your dad with DIY instructions.

  1. Retrieving work exchanges

Aside from notebooks and emails, digital conversations with colleagues have also been reference points for work-related tasks. Missed out on an important detail relayed to you by your teammate over your WeChat group? No problem. Simply retrieve your file either on your desktop, work phone, or personal phone and proceed to finishing your task.

To learn more, please visit www.wechat.com

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