Adidas Stan Smith: Revitalized Cult Classic

My dad's words are bombarding my brain right now - "Stan Smiths are the best! They will remain that way forever!" 

I like Superstar more, but I didn't argue with the man out of respect. That statement of his, however, is very much appreciated by me tah-day! Parents do know better.

He loved playing tennis and his kicks of choice were Adidas Stan Smith. He owned a couple of pairs that were always immaculately clean! He would always say, "I will never play as good as Stanley Smith, but that's okay because we have the same sneakers." In other words, if you can't play, just display.

Adidas Stan Smith 2014 Originals

After a long hiatus from the stores, the Adidas Stan Smith is making a big comeback this year! It comes in three different tab colors as well as suede and various exotic skin versions. I still like the original ones. I'm thinking of buying a pair as a salute to my father. Yeah, I'm a sentimental fool. Well, it's also a classic, making it a definite good buy.

Adidas Stan Smith

Stanley Smith in action

Adidas Stan Smith

Stan Smith wearing his iconic sneakers today

Adidas Stan Smith Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs 

Adidas Stan Smith Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

Adidas Stan Smith Sofia Coppola
One of my fashion heroes - Sofia Coppola

Get your Stan Smith here!

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