Summer Cooler: Nestlé Temptations Flavors of the World Dutch Speculoos

To say that this side of the world is revering speculoos is a total understatement. My cousin told me that Trader Joe's had to limit the Speculoos Cookie Butter per customer because Pinoys were hoarding it like crazy! What can I say? It is a crack in a jar for most. 

I'm not a big fan of that, actually. Oh, hush. I'm not into Nutella as well. Okay, now you can start booing me to oblivion. My boys, however, love anything speculoos. 
Did I have any bias prior to my first teaspoonful of Nestlé Temptations' Dutch Speculoos? Of course. Did I like it? Definitely! What? Quite a contradiction in terms, I know.

Nestlé Temptations' Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

Here's why: Nestlé Temptations' Dutch Speculoos-Flavored Ice Cream does not have an overly strong, spicy flavor of Belgium's traditional cookie so as not to bring any doubt to the devourer. It doesn't flaunt its flavor in an annoying kind of way. It is identifiably speculoos {especially the cinnamon} in a very pleasant kind of way. It's not cloyingly sweet {a very good factor in my book}, and the spices bites your tongue a bit towards the end of consuming each mouthful. 

Nestlé Temptations' Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

It's a thick ice cream with a distinct chewiness, making it a joy to guzzle. It doesn't have that icy factor that is a burden to bite through. Speculoos lovers will definitely go crazy over the chunks of crumbly speculoos cookies peppered all throughout the creamy cold treat. A few pieces of nuts would make this spectacular for me.

Nestlé Temptations' Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

Apart from the Dutch Speculoos, there are three more flavors that I'm yearning to try - Italian Coffee Affogato {you're next!}, French Salted Caramel, and Belgian Chocolate Praline

Have you tried any of the four variants of Nestlé Temptations lately? Which one's your favorite?

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