Zen Your Way Through Party Planning With WeChat

Party planning is both fun and stressful. I don't know which one bears more weight for you, but based on experience, I'm gearing towards the latter. Aside from sticking to a budget, the second biggest concern would be proper coordination with the suppliers, and sending out invites.

Before, it would be a bit of a nuisance to ask a supplier to have a meeting with you along with the rest of your suppliers. It's usually a one-on-one thing - you go to the caterer, then to the florist, and so on and so forth. Because of this, most would gladly hire a party planner to devoid herself of headache, but the thing is, they are far too costly.  

Thank goodness for technology! It takes more than half of the burden of party planning sans the extra cost, and at far less time! 

WeChat enables us to go fuss-free when planning for parties so that we won't look like a poster child for stress {huge no-no!} on the big day, amirite? Here's how to plan at party in five days via WeChat:

Day 1: Assemble the team

Every bash needs a core group of planners. For this, you can count on WeChat’s Friend Radar feature which automatically scans other users within the vicinity and gives you the option to add them to your contact list with one tap of their images. 

This crosses out the fuss of having to exchange little details and gives you liberty to carry on chatting with them. Then, you can use Group Messaging to gather the gang simply by opening “Chats”, tapping the wand button, and selecting the contacts who you want to add in the group. 

Riding on the rush, you can immediately decide on a theme, location, and date for your party through text and voice messaging, and photo, audio, and video-sharing. Also, you can begin delegating assignments—one for securing the place, one for compiling playlists, a couple for crafting decors, and more for whipping up spreads and drinks for the night’s booze cruise. 

Zen Your Way Through Party Planning With WeChat

Day 2: Cross your checklists

Once the tasks are set, the team can now maximize Day 2 by breaking up to complete the party to-dos. All members can easily update one another through Group Messaging, and even add suppliers to the chat as the process goes along. 

Zen Your Way Through Party Planning With WeChat

Day 3: Spread the word

After making things happen during Day 2, this time should be allotted for letting people know about the gathering. The planning team can post photo or video invites via Moments, and even generate maps for the convenience of the guests. Monitoring head count also becomes easier as people can confirm their attendance as soon as they receive their invites.

Zen Your Way Through Party Planning With WeChat

Day 4: Tidy up the edges

By this time, the planning stage should be 75% done. With the set-up, supplies, and guests in place, the core group can now proceed with last-minute touch-ups before the actual celebration. This includes going over and finalizing the checklist, which the team can do via group chat.

Day 5: Begin the party pre-game

A party that’s 99% done shouldn’t leave the planners just waiting for the big night to come. Get guests excited by blasting teasers about the celebration—whether through photo mood boards that remind them what to wear or through music videos that make them get into the theme of the bash.

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