Photo Lust: Daguerreotype

The appeal of Daguerreotype photography is in the outcome as well as the procedure for me. The steps are grueling, not to mention hazardous. The photographer is exposed to tons of harmful chemicals in order to create a miniscule portrait. It was not pleasant on the subject as well. He/she had to be stone-still, and was supported by a special type of stand for a single pose. Intense, right? 

The process was perfected {and was named after} Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. The photos below are by Chuck Close. In order to shorten the exposure time, Close increased the light's intensity. It was so bright that it slightly burned the models' faces. You can learn about the whole process here, by the way.

The result is extremely magnificent. I want to do it old school, and use a camera obscura, but I'm too lazy for that, so now, I'm looking for a good iPhone app. Big hurrah for the modern age of photography! 

Chuck Close Daguerreotype Photography Kate Moss

Chuck Close Daguerreotype Photography Brad Pitt

Chuck Close Daguerreotype Vintage Photography

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