Making 'THE DIFF': A Customized Reminder To My Boys

Raise your hand if you've got kid/s who are attached to their iWhatever that it becomes part of their anatomy. I feel yah!

I'm not gonna mother you all and go down the 'kids these days' talk. It is what it is. They're born into this epoch whereas I was born into the Family Com era. Different years, different addiction. My take on this? If you have instilled enough self-discipline in your kids, you can give them freedom to enjoy things like iPads confidently. 

Okay, enough with the heavy. Due to the reason above, I thought that one great way to give my boys a motherly message/push everyday is via something visible - something they use all the time. I want something diff and personalized. 

Making 'THE DIFF' A Customized Reminder To My Boys

I adore personalized anything! I had two iPad Mini cases created by The Diff - curators of avant-garde cases for different gadgets {iPhone 4 to iPad}. 

Aside from their customized cases, they also have pre-designed ones with really hip typos! I especially adore the cases with vintage fonts like this one.

You can customize your case on their site or send them the designs you created via email. It's actually pretty easy to do and so fun too!

I'm never gonna put a 'Mom loves you so much' plus hearts there. But, I have to say, I was tempted to put a tight shot of me on the cases just to remind my boys that I'm watching them. 

I love Latin. My inks are all in Latin. They are my reminders for when life becomes too complex that I unconsciously forget the things that I should be grateful for. Also, my dad. Of course, my reminders to my boys are in Latin, too.VI and VII are their suffixes. Nulli Secundus means second to none, while Vincunt means conquer. 

Our eldest gets teased for having the kind of brain that he has. I told him once before that being a nerd means that he will always be second to none. I also told him not to listen to people who think that being dumb is cool. Seriously, since when is that ever cool?

Our youngest is at a stage wherein he's still figuring out what he wants. I always tell him to conquer. Be victorious without prejudice and without being insolent.

Touched yet? wink My boys think the cases that I designed are cool, but they're not moved. I have to up my game next time.

For more information about these cases, please visit

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