Munchtown: Cinema Food Redefined

Now "showing" in Promenade 2 Greenhills is a joint that serves anything but the lowbrow cinema snacks {hello, semi-stale popcorn and boring chips}. Thank gawd!

Munchtown's emergence came at exactly the right time. What with the rise in cinema suites, Filipinos crave for more than the typical screen grubs. Unlimited popcorn and soda just won't cut it. You can only have so much of that stuff. Quality over quantity always.

Munchtown is grab-and-go/fast casual/deliver-it-to-me-while-I'm-enjoying-my-movie restaurant. Largely the creation of Chef Rob Goco, the dishes are simple, full of flavor, and abates convenience {the messy dishes are placed on boat trays}. 

Munchtown Sliders
Sliders 3pcs   PhP 350

The sliders are a hit with my boys. Gooey cheese and onions rests on top of well-seasoned, juicy patties.   You can actually order up to 9 pcs {PhP 540} of these palm-sized burgers. Munchtown's sliders are not a reduction of their cheeseburgers. They're much simpler, but still as delicious. 

Munchtown Chicago Dog
Chicago Dog  PhP 200

This loaded snack {all-beef hot dog, thin tomato slices, pickle spears, sprinkles of salt, and sport peppers hugged by a potato bun} is fun to look at, and even more fun to eat! All the toppings are carefully placed giving you an even bite. It's an appetizing snack packed with crunch and zing! 

Munchtown Chili Dog
Chili Dog  PhP 220

I suddenly missed Pink's when I had a bite of Munchtown's Chili Dog. There was a time when I got addicted to Pink's Chili Dog. Hubs had to queue up twice a week to get me my fix. He would buy three at the time. I'd eat one then store the rest in the fridge. I didn't even mind that the buns were soggy after a re-heat, and the heartburn attack right after.

Munchtown's Chili Dog is a toned-down version of Pink's. The crisp casing of the hot dog opens up to a smoky and juicy filling. That mixed with the chili and cheese, makes one helluva an exciting sandwich! More meat on the chili will make this much better for me though.     

Blue Cheese Fries  Poutine with BBQ Beef Brisket Irish Nachos  Black Truffle Fries
TOP LEFT: Blue Cheese Fries  PhP 195; TOP RIGHT: Poutine with BBQ Beef Brisket
BOTTOM LEFT: Irish Nachos  PhP 185;  BOTTOM RIGHT: Black Truffle Fries  PhP 195

The fries are a non-negotiable whenever we watch a movie. All of them are good, I kid you not. Firstly, it had a well-proportioned mix of ingredients. Secondly, the crispy fries were fresh-cut with the skin still on. 

It's just a matter of taste preference - spicy {Irish Nachos}; earth-like with a touch of bitterness {Black Truffle Fries}; salty and smoky {Poutine with BBQ Beef Brisket}; tangy, sharp, and salty {Blue Cheese Fries}. My picks are the Poutine and Black Truffle Fries. They were impressive, bordering addicting. 

Fish and Chips Munchtown Greenhills
Fish and Chips  PhP 240

Encased by a crisp crust, the mild taste and soft texture of the fresh flounder fillet was preserved. Lashings of either one - or all - of the the three dips {malt vinegar, seasoned cocktail, and tartar} were the perfect condiment. 

French Fried Chicken Munchtown Greenhills
French Fried Chicken {Breast}  PhP 220

Devoid of any heavy batter, the thin and ultra crispy skin was sweetened with honey butter. It also allowed the flavorful meat to express itself naturally. Simple and delicious. 

Vongole Pizza Munchtown Greenhills
Vongole Pizza  PhP 390

Despite the straightforward execution and toppings, the Vongole was superbly flavorful! Chef Goco explained that the high quality of the ingredients {fresh clams, olive oil, capers, chili flakes, cheese} made it possible. This is one delicious pizza that can easily be shared by 3 people. 

Cheeseburger Munchtown Greenhills
Cheeseburger  PhP 240

This cheeseburger left a good imprint in my taste buds mainly due to the patty. The thick mustard-grilled Black Angus burger patty had a slightly tangy taste that made it extra, extra delicious. The surface was slightly crusty, and the center juicy and so tender. A delicious flood of juice oozes out as you bite into it. The supporting roles {caramelized onions, crisp lettuce, melted cheese, and the potato buns} elevated the burger experience into a really good level.

I hope that they can provide a large personal cinema snack tray eventually. You can just put all your Munchtown grubs there, then place it on your lap and enjoy.

Munchtown Food Strip
2nd Floor, Promenade 2
Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan
Tel. No. (632) 785-69-31
Facebook: Munchtown

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