Of Cards, Ex-Libris, and Rings

I believe that I'm one of a handful few who still sends out real cards during occasions to family and friends. I could be wrong though. Just like I said on my post more than a year ago, I rarely get anything back. Even though they are ungrateful and lazy {you know who you are}, I still do it, and I will continue to do it. I have a very throwback attitude most of the time, I guess.

Aside from celebration cards, I also like correspondence cards {that doubles as a gift card} and ex libris.  I often have a bunch in stock. I'm out of ex libris though. Actually, I placed some on my books then I got lazy. So there. 

Anyway, one of my dream imprimeur is Olivier de Sercey. The key word there is 'dream'. I want to have an ex libris, some cards, and a signet ring or two from them. I've long been obsessed with signet rings. Yeah, I know. The last one is for the boys. However, there's no law on how one should wear it or who should wear it, so it's okay. Check out some of Olivier de Sercey's lovely creations below:

Olivier de Sercey Ex Libris

Olivier de Sercey Ex Libris

Olivier de Sercey Ex Libris

Olivier de Sercey Ex Libris

Olivier de Sercey Signet Rings

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