Silk Road Thai Cuisine by Chef Cecille Chang

Those who are searching for distinguishable Thai food should head over to this lovely restaurant at the ground floor of Net Quad Corporate Center called Silk Road. What mostly sets this apart from the vast choices of Thai restos in the Metro is the curatorial role of chef and owner, Cecille Chang. The gorgeous chef extensively studied the cuisine in Thailand for one year.

Thai food is a hit or miss in this part of the world. I think, mostly it's because some are tempered for the Filipino palate. That's still a good thing, I guess; but when you want something spot-on, Silk Road is the resto for you.

Honestly, Silk Road is one of the few restaurants where all the dishes I've tried turned out wonderful. Also, the presentation was as magnificent as the food. See for yourself!

son-in-law thai eggs silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Son-In-Law  PhP 195

The name of the dish is as intriguing as its appearance. There are a few theories about how the name of this traditional Thai food was coined, but the one I'm going for is about the a mother cooking this dish for her future son-in-law. It's sort of like a threat for any highly morally suspicious acts that the guy will do - "If you hurt my daughter, this is what will happen to your pair." 

They were unbelievably delicious, by the way! The deep fried eggs were doused with tamarind sauce, then topped with coriander leaves, and sprinkled with fried shallots. What made these extra nom were the betel leaves. Wrap each piece with it for a savory nutty taste.

soft shell crab roll silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Soft Shell Crab Roll  PhP 360

The Soft Shell Crab Roll is a crossfire between refreshing and gratifying. Wrapped by rice paper are a cluster of great flavors - from the fried soft shell crab to blimps of fresh mango chunks. Deluged with a little bit of the accompanying sauce {I forgot to ask what it was, but the taste was slightly similar to nuoc cham}, the taste quickly awakened into a whole new level.

thai spring rolls silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Thai Spring Rolls  PhP 260

Looking at the photos again, I cannot help but be in awe of the presentation. A lone violet orchid beautifies each dish further aside from solidifying that these are distinctly Thai. The taste is definitely better than the familiar. They went the extra mile to get the seasonings right. It's perfect with the sweet chili sauce, but even without, it's mighty fine.

thai spring rolls silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang

siamese pork ribs silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Siamese Pork Ribs  PhP 310

The gorgeously burnished grilled pork ribs were deliciously flavored. One serving was not enough for me.....with or without three cups of steamed white rice. The cinnamon and caramel created an elaborate sweet and spicy taste that seeped right through the soft meat. 

siam chicken wrap silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Siam Chicken Wrap  PhP 345

Unlike the usual lettuce wraps, just a scoop of the warm, savory chicken concoction plus some cellophane noodles over crispy lettuce is all it takes to achieve a wonderful experience. The filling was well-flavored enough that any kind of additional sauce to bring out or add in to the taste is spurned. 

lamb shank with massama curry silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Lamb Shank with Massaman Curry  PhP 720

I happily ate my way through the 8-hour-slow-cooked-fork-tender lamb shank. It was delectably spicy, but not enough to bring you to tears or annoy your sinuses. The zing was just an aspect, not the dominating component of the dish. It was plated with loads of textures - crispy shallots, potato chips, and fried noodles. This left a wonderful mark on my palate. I'm craving for it until now. 

crispy tilapia with tamarind puree silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Puree  PhP 375

Speaking of cravings, this went right into my list after my first forkful. I was cursing {only in my head, people} my way into its goodness. The crispy casings - mottled with tamarind puree - hugged the flaky meat of the fresh tilapia. It had the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and spicy.

pad thai silk road thai cuisine by chef cecille chang
Pad Thai  PhP 340

The Pad Thai, being one of the international envoys of Thai cuisine, was heavily me, mostly. I love Pad Thai! It didn't disappoint. Like the others, the Pad Thai was both an aesthetically and palate-pleasing dish! Tender pork, shrimps, and bean sprouts were cocooned by woven noodles. Simply delicious!

Silk Road has an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks too, by the way. For a complete list, please go here.

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Silk Road
G/F Net Quad Corporate Center
4th Ave. corner 31st street. Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig
Contact Nos. (+632) 824.16.78
Facebook: Silk Road

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