WeChat and Lazada Gives You More Great Deals!

Lazada and WeChat 2nd Anniversary Discount

Due to the success of WeChat and Lazada's recent partnership, PHL's number one online shop slashes the prices of their best-selling items for their 2nd year anniversary! The new promotion will give customers the opportunity to purchase their favorite Lazada items through WeChat. 

The various items range from tech to toiletries; some of which are at 50% off! I'm crushing on both the Fruit Yogurt Dessert Maker and the Westinghouse Food Processor. The first one looks like a lot of fun! I'm a big fan of yogurt and have always wanted to create a homemade version. The latter is due to a busted food processor. 

If you don't have the WeChat app yet, you can download it for free and have the opportunity to purchase exciting ‘Best Deals’ from Lazada! Here's how:

1.  In the search tab, type Lazada_PH

2.  Follow Lazada_PH's Official Account

3.  After following the page, you will receive a message from Lazada_PH

4.  Click on “View All”, scroll down then click “Read more”. You will be redirected to Lazada-WeChat tablets page.

You can check the step-by-step version with photos here!

To learn more about Lazada, you may download the app on iTunes and Google PlayStore.

You may get the WeChat app at www.wechat.com

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