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Have you heard about APEC (Affordable Private Education Centres)? It was only through Karen Davila's Instagram that I found out about this wonderful opportunity that's worthy to be shared.

Along with PALF (Pearson Affordable Learning Fund), Ayala Corp. will build a chain of low-priced secondary schools all throughout the Philippines called APEC.

How affordable is the tuition fee? Think PhP 1,490 per month! For those who have comfortable lives, this amount is nothing, but for the financially challenged, this is still something. But if the parents are keen enough to give their child a good education, they will find a way. Actually, this is one of the things I love about the Pinoy culture, we value education so much that parents will really find a way. They will go as far as sell whatever they have - even their carabaos - just to send their kids to school.

Unfortunately, majority of the public schools in this side of the world are ghastly, and a good private school has become an expensive privilege. Private education has become a luxury for most. Hopefully with this, kids can get an inexpensive yet exceptional education. I hope that those who will get in are the ones who are really eager to study well to change their lives, the country and the world for the better.

As stated on Pearson's website, "APEC’s vision is to provide a holistic, quality education which aims to better prepare students for a life of success and fulfillment.  The schools use an advanced curriculum which includes essential academics, professional skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, leadership development and an ethical underpinning of values such as determination, integrity, and compassion."

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman and CEO of the Ayala Corp. emphasized that “education is an important strategic focus for Ayala. There is strong global demand for Filipino talent and our vision is to deliver high quality, affordable education that can significantly enhance students’ employment potential. We are excited to partner with Pearson, the world’s leading learning company who help educate children in over 70 countries, and the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund, who have pioneered delivering excellent but low cost education to lower income students on a scale basis in other developing countries. The partnership combines Pearson’s deep education expertise with Ayala’s operational experience in the Philippines.”

This is why I adore the Ayala Corp; they care about the environment, education, and the arts. It's not all business. Reminds me of Michelle Obama's speech at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts: "The idea is to show young people what it takes to succeed and how important it is for them to commit to their education. Those of us who have been blessed with opportunities to succeed have an obligation to reach back and bring others along with us, and not just with words and praise but with meaningful sustained support.” Simple. Concise. True. 

If you know anyone who will benefit from this, please do share the good news with them. To learn more, please go here.

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