Domestic Board: Dated Concoction

domestic board dated concoction 1st dibs furniture michael cacnio

Daydreaming is a luxurious recreation that I'm quite fond of. Figuring out my dream home comes in second to the places I, along with my boys, have to see someday soon. For the former, I'm hooked on 1stdibs. Never mind that the site gives me the good kind of nightmares; I still go and drool over the amazing dated pieces. Majority of the ones above are from the mentioned site.

Don't ask me what the exact period is of what I tried to achieve with this tailored mix because I don't have any clue. Well, maybe, predominantly 60s. That's an era I'd love to revisit and live through. 

This all started with a Jean Prouvé brass credenza {the one above is an inspired-by piece} that I adore so much but will never have. I picked out a few more that will go well with that. 

1/ Brass sculpture ~ Part of Michael Cacnio's 'Lobo' series. I'm a huge fan of Cacnio's. Some of his creations depicts the typical Filipino culture such as this one. To have a bespoke brass sculpture by him is a goal. 

2/ 1950's Lounge Chair 

3/ Agate bookends

4/ Ammonite lamp

5/ Brass credenza

6/ Thomas Hayes Studio sofa 

7/ Norman Cherner chair 

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