Malcolm's Deli Got A Revamp

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”, so said Winston Churchill. Classics are great. I love them. Revamping classics while retaining the essence that makes it desirable is even better. That's the story of Malcolm's Deli. It has become a better version of itself.

The place that changed the way I view pancakes got a facelift earlier this year. Apart from that, new dishes has been added to their menu, but the old favorites are retained.

Malcolm's Deli

The interior switched to the dark side - more noir, wood, and leather. It's very barnyard meets bar room chic. The leather studded chairs and sofas are all made of the skins of Wagyu cattles. It took an enormous amount of self-control not to sneak one out.

Malcolm's Deli

The display fridge is filled with delicacies on the aughts - premium sausages to Kitayama meats. You can choose one from the fridge and have them the cook it. The total will be the price of the meat plus a small additional for the preparation. If you fancy recreating Malcolm's amazing pancakes at home, you can buy the buttermilk that they use!  

Malcolm's Deli
Proudly trumpeting Pinoy products

Malcolm's Stack Buttermilk Pancakes Malcolm's Deli
Malcolm's Stack 5 pcs.  PhP 340

I don't have anything else to say about the pancakes except for the fact that they are still mind-blowingly amazing. 

I thought I was the only one who's besotted by these. I needed confirmation 'cause after all, food is subjective. I told my family and friends about Malcolm's pancakes, and all those who've tried it found the stacks incredible. It's one thing to try a dish for the first time and be blown away, but to make the taste consistent is something else. We've been going to Malcolm's every so often, and the taste of their pancakes remains the same.

Oh yeah, there's a change in terms of serving portion. The Mini Stack is now 3 pieces while the Malcolm's Stack is 5! That's five thick, fluffy, and uber delicious pancakes for you! You're gonna need a partner for this one. 

Malcolm's Stack Buttermilk Pancakes Malcolm's Deli

Carbonara Romano Malcolm's Deli The Fort
Carbonara Romano  PhP 320

The carbonara is undoubtedly a rich caloric indulgence. If it's this good, I have no problem with gaining the unwanted excess. The outcome is divine despite its simplicity {made of only 6 ingredients - pasta, bacon, cheese, black pepper, salt, and egg yolk}. Heavy cream is avoided. The egg yolk did a good job in creating the creamy texture that I like. A pancetta option will make this one extraordinary for me.

Kitayama Wagyu Burger Malcolm's Deli
Kitayama Wagyu Burger  PhP 420

Malcolm's burger is devoid of complicated extras. This is not a place for that. Seasoned with just salt and pepper, they allow the fresh Kitayama Wagyu patty to do its thing. With a good execution, the meat delivered, and it delivered quite well. I didn't like the buns though. A better bet for me would be brioche.

Kitayama Wagyu Burger Malcolm's Deli

Malcolm's Deli Kitayama Wagyu Steak
Kitayama Wagyu Steak  

A reasonably priced steak that's been cooked to perfection is what this is. Just like I stated above, you can choose amongst their retail wagyu steaks then just add PhP 150 for in-store prep. Topped with onion quills and sprinkled with a little bit of Solaris all natural chili pepper sea salt, the meat switches from delicious to wonderful. 

Malcolm's Deli Kitayama Wagyu Steak

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Malcolm's Deli
Address: G/F FairwaysTower, 5th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Landline: 556-3186
BusinessHours: 7am-11pm Monday-Sunday
Facebook: Malcolm's Burger Official

Twitter: @malcolmsburger

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