Martone Cycling Co. ~ Riding in Style

My brother's into bikes as well as some of my friends. My sister is also very much willing, ready, and able to join my brother very soon. They've been forcing me to get one {for exercise and not as a sport} for quite some time now. I wasn't too keen on the idea until I saw Martone Cycling Co.'s bikes! A great mash-up of retro design and a cool gear system called SRAM. I have zero clue about the latter. It matters little to me because I'm all about the aesthetics. Yep, I'm shallow like that. 

If Louboutin's trademark is the red sole, Martone's the red chain!  Plus points for the basket ~ a must for some femme essentials like food and drinks. That doesn't negate the purpose of biking mind you 'cause you're burning calories as you eat. 

The eco-conscious side of this company is a huge deal sealer. They've joined forces with Recycle-A-Bicycle last year. It's all about sustainable products these days. That's not just a trend, by the way. It's a necessity.

Martone Cycling Co.'s colors are like Apple products; they look great when they're all together so it's a burden to choose just one. 

These are all for the ladies. You can check out the men's version here. Which one would you pick? Red, Black, Gold, or White?

Martone Cycling Co. Gramercy Bicycle Riding in Style


Martone Cycling Co. Mercer Bicycle Riding in Style


Martone Cycling Co. Grand Bicycle Riding in Style


Martone Cycling Co. Real Bicycle Riding in Style


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