MasterCard Virtual Card: Worry-Free Online Shopping

I know, I know. The Pretty Woman shopping scene photo is not the best one for this post, but I love that movie so...

The high heavens will come crashing down on me with so much rage if I say that I don't enjoy shopping. With the emergence of online shopping, the fun has become, well, funner!

Two decades or so ago, one of the ways to learn about a new product is via catalogs. My mom received quite a lot of those. Nowadays, you just browse through the products of your favorite brand’s online store and buy. Easy, right? Not so.

I have three concerns when it comes to online shopping:

1. Security of payment facility –This is my main concern. I am very much paranoid by this one because I've been a victim of credit card fraud years ago. My card was maxed out in Paris! While the perpetrator was enjoying her/his purchases at Louis Vuitton and Prada, I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. I'm still very much pissed at the thought. It was easily settled since my passport showed that I wasn't there when the card was used.

To save myself for making another 'big mistake...huge' {I really like that movie}, I started using MasterCard Virtual Card. I think that they are heaven-sent for online shoppers. More on this in a while.

2. Shipping - I found an easy solution for this dilemma. I send my online purchases to my Aunt's house in the States and ask her to include those in the Balikbayan Box she sends over every three months or so. Way, way cheaper. She doesn’t charge me for the shipping cost because she loves me thaaaat much. I think.

3. Return policy - This is not much of a problem in US online shops. 

What is a mastercard virtual card?

It is a temporary credit, debit, or pre-paid card with a different number and a set fund. The MasterCard Virtual Card, as the name signifies, can be used for online purchases only. You cannot use it for face-to-face retail transactions.

The MasterCard Virtual Card is available in the form of a regular plastic card or a simple reference device (i.e. virtual card that provides a card number and card verification code for use only on the internet).

MasterCard Virtual Card Benefits

  • You can set the credit line according to the amount of purchase
  • Wiser shopping experience – How? If you use your main plastic to shop, there is a big chance that you will shop more, as long as the credit limit allows you to, of course. Shopping enthusiasts can relate to this.
  • Protection – since it uses a different number, it will protect your primary card from being stolen and the risk of raking in high charges
  • Convenience – you only need the virtual card number and nothing else
  • You can provide family members with unique accounts for online purchases
  • You can track online and retail purchases separately

Where To Get A MasterCard Virtual Card

You can go to different local banks or apply online.  Just visit the official website of your existing MasterCard-issuing bank and complete the application form online.

Philippine banks that issue the MasterCard Virtual Card include BDO, BPIEastWest BankMetrobank,  RCBC Bankard, and Security Bank.

Have you tried using one yet? Do share your experience with me!

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