Practical Gift Ideas for Gen X Moms

Gen X Moms are those born between 1960-1980. Gen Xers are said to be flexible, adaptable, self-motivated, tech-savvy, resourceful, and self-sufficient. There are, of course, exceptions to these, but majority are said to possess the mentioned traits. What can you give your Gen X mom based on her age group personality? Here are a few suggestions:

Powerseed Power Bank ~ A heaven-sent for smartphone users. I love my iPhone, and your mom most probably love hers too...despite its batt being a big pain in the hiney. This sleek and small device can charge your mom's phone roughly 1.5 times.

It's Not How Good Your Are, It's How Good You Want to Be ~ Not only are books easy to wrap, they can change the receiver's life as well. This book by Paul Arden, though self-help and inspirational, doesn't have a namaste vibe to it. You know those boring words that will force you to relax then cry? It doesn't have any of those. The value of this book is the concise yet meaningful statements that will make you think.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee ~ Make the caffeine addict in her happy. You can either give her this or a gift card from her favorite coffee shop. Either one is purrrfect!

Bodum French Press ~ If you're gonna give her the beans, pair it up with a chic French press! My youngest boy bought one for me last year. I like French press better than a drip brewing machine because it's eco-friendly, easier to clean, and the taste is much better.

Spanx Spoil Me Cotton Underwear ~ Show me a mom who doesn't like Spanx and I'll show you a liar. Kidding. Yes, there are still a lot of women who shy away from Spanx but I think that there are more who revere this amazing modern innovation. *raises both hands and feet* Your mom will either be offended or will give you the best bear hug in the world!

P.J Salvage Pajama Set ~ Your mom doesn't have to look sloppy when sleeping just because her friends can't see her. That's not an excuse.

Baggu Reusable Bag ~ We all know the advantages of a multi-purpose reusable bag. Yada, yada, yada. This one is all that plus modish too. If you're going to help save the planet, best to do it in style.

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