Sage Tapas Bar at the Makati Shangri-La

Our night at Sage Tapas Bar at the Makati Shangri-La was more than just sharing good dishes and drinks; it was a fun night of reminiscing...and having a clear realization of our mortality. For the latter, the cause was having lived through the golden years of Sage's predecessors: Conway's and Red. Not just those two, but also Makati Shangri-La's nightclub Zu. Good 'ol days. 

Conway's and Red were closed for an extreme overhaul in July of 2013. The new concept was born in the February of the current year with Chef de Cuisine Gilles Galli at its helm. The ground floor is where the tapas bar is located while the upper floor houses the fine dining restaurant.

A revitalized establishment comes with a fresh repertoire of finely crafted dishes and mixes, naturally. In Sage's case, it's modern Mediterranean. Here are some that we've tried:

red mullet tartine sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Red Mullet Tartine  PhP 320

For me, having a fresh {truly fresh, not carbon monoxide fresh} fish constitutes 95% of a dish's success that has this type of seafood. You can't drown the taste of a fish that's not as fresh. This fillet was very much the former and was cooked to perfection. A morsel paired with the rich olive tapenade and basil puree coated gros pain was simply delicious.

saffron brioche sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Saffron Brioche  PhP 260

Lox on bagel with cream cheese is an all-time favorite so I'm partial to this one. Actually, I really like salmon anything. All biased aside, Sage's smoked salmon, nestled in between the cream cheese-smudged, soft brioche is a real sumptuous treat. 

phyllo cigar sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Phyllo Cigar  PhP 360

Lamb is not part of my meat preference so I was a bit surprised that I liked this version {seasoned with ras el hanout and swaddled with spring roll wrapper}. Fine flavor is not the only draw here; the meat retained a good amount of chew and juiciness. 

dolma sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Dolma  PhP 280

Amongst the meat-stuffed vegetables, the one I liked best was the zucchini. The tomato relish ~ though light and with faint olive oil and garlic flavors ~ added a rich touch to the packed produce. 

beetroot gazpacho sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Beetroot Gazpacho Shot  PhP 180

Cute presentation, right? I was goading Guia {Food Reviews Manila} to take her mini clip-top glass jars home just so I can have a partner in crime. She's too angelic for such. Mission axed. This is a tangy, earthy, and thin blend that will put a big smile to a health nut's face. I'm not that kind of person...yet. I'm still hopeful.

crab brandade sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Crab Brandade  PhP 300

Cloaked with a golden crust is a creamy, smooth crab puree. I really enjoyed these. They're quite flavorful and truly delicious. 

grilled polenta sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Grilled Polenta  PhP 180

Another favorite from the night's batch is this grilled polenta. The silky polenta served as a great bed for the lavender bell pepper confit. There's a slight hint of cheese, making every bite extra delicious.

waikiki punch sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Waikiki Punch

A fruity concoction with just a slight 'punch'. The tiki mug adds a nice touch.

whiskey sour sage tapas bar makati shangri-la
Whiskey Sour

This is one good whiskey sour! My second glass was a weaker version of the first {a bit more sweetener and lemon juice than whiskey}. Delicious! I actually have a low tolerance for alcohol, but that doesn't stop me from having one every now and again. Story of my life.

I wanna give a big shout out to Richard {Tales from the Tummy} for fixing my flash again. Many thanks, TumTum! Check out his blog for great food shots!

Sage Tapas Bar
Lobby Makati Shangri-La
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, 
Makati City, 1200, Philippines
Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday 5pm-2am
                           Friday and Saturday 5am-3am 
(+632) 814.25.80
Twitter: @MakatiShangriLa
Instagram: @sageeatshangrila

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