Livestock Restaurant: A Porktastic Pit

I just can't stay away from pork. It is what it is, and I've accepted that wholeheartedly. I really couldn't care less even when this helluva great meat was on the doctor's vile list. Things change. Now they're saying that this is actually good if taken in moderation. Please take not of the keywords 'in' plus 'moderation'.

Uhm, we sort of omitted the 'in moderation' part when we visited Livestock Restaurant. Who cares? It's worth the heartburn and future clogging.

A mural going to the second floor show's the Theory of Foodielution

Livestock is a bar-meets-casual dining place. The atmosphere is relaxed. There are no unnecessary excesses which will make you lose focus {intentional or not} on why you're there in the first place. You can just concentrate on good food accompanied by loads of laughter from good friends. My kind of setting.

Pig wings Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
Pig Wings 5 pcs  PhP 440

Now, on the onset, these looks like typical buffalo wings, but once you get past the crispy coating, you'll be greeted by The Pickiest Eater's other love: bacon! Each juicy wing was wrapped with the cured meat. The distinct taste and smokiness of the bacon mixed with the tender white meat and the spicy coating was something that made these deliciously extraordinary.

Laksa Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
Laksa  PhP 290

The mix of fresh ingredients and the taste itself was amazing! The first hit is supposed to be visual, but I skipped that and went straight to the aroma. It was so fragrantly inviting that I completely ignored the whatever level of spiciness it had and went straight to getting a spoonful of the soup for sipping. Actually, I wanted to take a huge slurp from my bowl. I'm really classy like that.

Anyway, I was thankful for the just right zing. The soup was mustard yellow in color as opposed to those flecked with red tints which gives away it's level of hotness. It had an amazing mix of hoisted flavors and beautiful contrasting textures.     

Adobo and Kesong Puti Pizza Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
Adobo and Kesong Puti Pizza  PhP 395

I appreciate international-born dishes that's heavily infused with Filipino flavors. For me, this was a merger done very well. The flavors of the adobo and kesong puti were very evident, but not overpowering just so they could emphasize the fact that this is indeed an adobo and kesong puti pizza. The adobo morsels were peppered sparsely on the thin, crispy crust giving enough room for the other flavors to take center stage.

Pork Cheek Ragu Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
Pork Cheek Ragu  PhP 375

I only took a forkful of this because I was saving a lot of space in my belly for one of Livestock's magnum opus: Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata. A forkful was all it took for me to fall in love with this dish though. The sauce was subdued making the flavor packed crispy pork cheeks pop. 

Livestock Crackling Pork Belly Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
Livestock Crackling Pork Belly  500g  PhP 490

One of the reasons why I love pork is that, unlike beef, you can control the fat intake. The crackling pork belly is roasted, by the way. The process itself drains some fat out, but you still have that thick in-betweens which is, to be honest, scary good. I just ate the herb-seasoned center, the uber crispy skin, and ignored the glistening blubber.  This was crazy delicious, I tell you! 

Livestock Crackling Pork Belly Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit

Melt in your mouth crispy pata Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
The Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata  PhP 590

I'm not gonna lie to you, THIS' what drew me in to Livestock. I was seriously anticipating trying this out ever since my foodie family posted pictures on Instagram. It. Did. Not. Disappoint!

The melt in your mouth thing is not a marketing ploy, by the way. The meat was extremely tender! I mean, dear Lord! They only used a tongue depressor and a fork to break it completely apart. I think Richie {The Pickiest Eater} has a video of this being deconstructed. 

But, no matter how tender and flavorful the meat is, the skin is what makes this truly glorious. I will kill for that very crunchy skin mixed with steamed white rice and drizzled with the soy sauce mix. Great, now I'm jonesing for one.

The whole thing was seasoned and cooked perfectly. Simple. Delicious. Genius. Compliments to Chef Ching for elevating a classic to both a textural and gustatorial magnificence. 

The Melt In Your Mouth Crispy Pata Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit

Bacon Ice Cream Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich  PhP 180

This was Rina's {Rina's Rainbow} birthday dessert which she unselfishly shared with us. Thank you very much!

Given the description on the menu {ice cream sandwich of French toasts and caramel bacon}, I thought that this would be just a tad bit sweeter than what I could tolerate. It wasn't. The sweetness had a good clash with some subtle salty factor from the bacon. 

Salted Chocolate Fondue Livestock Restaurantand Bar A Porktastic Pit
Salted Chocolate Fondue  PhP 210

The crowning glory of this dessert is the chocolate. It's infused with brandy and sprinkled with sea salt. Delicious! I remembered my boys when I saw what they did to the chocolate. My boys always sprinkle their choco drink with salt {no brandy yet} to enhance its flavor. It was actually them who told me about it.  

I will definitely be back with my family here very soon! Yes, the menu is centered on pork, but if you're not too much into that {why?!}, they have numerous non-pork options. Livestock is one of those restaurants wherein I went home very stuffed yet very happy. Not a single guilt was felt. It was really that good. The ones we tried, at least.

Livestock Restaurant and Bar
34th Sgt. Esguerra Ave., Brgy. South Triangle,
1103 Q.C.
Tel. No. (+632) 332.04.09
Operating Hours: 11am - 2am
Facebook: Livestock PH
Instagram: @livestock_ph

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