Mesclun Bistro's Lush Hour: Sumptuous Dishes + Unlimited Drinks

Mesclun Bistro is not entirely a Gallic-focused restaurant. The menu is, apparently, a mix of all of Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara's travels all over Europe. This is probably why it's named as such. The definition of 'mesclun' according to MW is 'to mix'. 

The place itself is simple, but the dishes we had were less so; they were fancily delicious. One could immediately tell that each was thoughtfully developed. 

Lush Hour starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm every day. Below are some of the dishes that are available for this specific period. 

Andre's Poke Mesclun Bistro

It's beautiful, complex, and delicious! Fresh chunks of tuna are mixed with soy-sesame dressing and sriracha mayonnaise resulting in a taste that's sweet, sharp with tiny hint of fire. 

Andre's Poke Mesclun Bistro
Andre's Poke  PhP 345

Escargots Mesclun Bistro
Escargots  PhP  345

That flying escargot scene from Pretty Woman piqued my interest to this French dish. Sure, I did find the dish delicious the first time I've tried it, but it was a pain to eat! I've lost count of how many curses I screamed inside my head while forking out the meat. Life is already hard; should eating an escargot be?

You know what? There is brilliance in simplification. If there's a way to remove complexity out of a certain thing, it should be done; if you can't, just continue looking for a way. Mesclun Bistro's escargots are de-shelled. Yes, this is just the whole point of my short story and polemical attack on life: snails sans the shells.

The ready-to-eat mollusks arrived at our table submerged in still bubbling herb butter accompanied by warm crusty bread. Very delicious! My husband will never eat this. It's a Fear Factor type of dish for him; but then again, he doesn't eat adobo. It's a mystery why we're still together.

Escargots Mesclun Bistro

Buffalo Balls Mesclun Bistro
Buffalo Balls  PhP 315

Buffalo Balls ~ yet another convenient wonder and innovative upgrade at Mesclun Bistro. Buffalo wings are a great joy to the palate, but admit it, you lose a little bit of dignity and a whole lot of finesse while gnawing it. Plus, wings are too much work for the small amount of meat that it yields. I'm lazy and I love it.

These balls were fantastic! The sticky, rich, sweet and spicy glaze evenly coats the buffalo balls. The primary layer is crispy giving each a good bite while the center is moist and tender. The delicious dish is enlivened further by a dollop of blue cheese sauce.

Ginger Caipirinha Mesclun Bistro

I think these two are a steal for unlimited rounds of PhP 490 each. These drinks are not one and the same although they appear to be, but one thing's for sure, they are equally delicious! Above is the Ginger Caipirinha and below is the Mango Mojito. If you really want to stretch that PhP 490, tell them to go easy on the rum.  

Mango Mojito Mesclun Bistro

Mesclun Bistro's Regulars

Chimichurri Chicken Mesclun Bistro Eastwood
 Chimichurri Chicken  PhP 345

The Chimichurri Chicken is an education in tastiness. The tangy chimichurri sauce complemented the boneless roasted chicken very well and brought in a refreshing quality to the meat. Shavings of grana padano add a nutty flavor into the mix. This comes with either a rice pilaf or mashed potato.   

House Cured Corned Beef Mesclun Bistro Eastwood
House Cured Corned Beef  PhP 595

Mesclun Bistro's House Cured Corned Beef has the hallmark of all the things I love in this specific type of dish: ultra tender and flavorful without being too salty and a slight ham-like tang. The delicious opaque broth over warm rice is complete bliss.    
House Cured Corned Beef Mesclun Bistro Eastwood

Shrimp and Anchovies Flàmmeküeche Mesclun Bistro Eastwood
Shrimp and Anchovies Flàmmeküeche  PhP 

Light and delicious! A flàmmeküeche is parallel in appearance to a contemporary pizza, but the composition is different ~ crème fraîche-based with plump shrimps, anchovies, arugula, onions, and cheese. The anchovies are the only ingredient that gives out a powerful flavor, counterbalancing the rest.  

Tenderloin Steak with Blue Cheese Mesclun Bistro Eastwood
Tenderloin Steak with Blue Cheese  PhP 795

Angus tenderloin with spinach, mashed potatoes, and blue cheese sauce ~ a beef lover's not-to-be-missed dish. It's a wonderful combo of fine flavors and textures. The beef is sensationally tender {thank God} with an evenly juicy and pink interior.

I really like Mesclun Bistro's dishes and pricing. As an average glutton, a good dish with an equally good {or rather, affordable} price, clean place, and excellent service is my simple standard. Mesclun Bistro fits the bill. End of.    

Mesclun Bistro
G/F Eastwood Mall, Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City Cyberpark, 
Quezon City, 1110, Metro Manila
Tel. No. (+632) 900.05.03
Facebook: Mesclun Bistro

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