Specstacular: Optical Retro Frames

Specstacular Optical Retro Frames Warby Parker

Optical frames are one of my most consistent buys out of necessity. How I wish that it would just for fashion. Bad eyesight really, really sucks. I have pairs for home use, and a couple for when I'm out. Since I have a memory like a sieve, my pairs are either often misplaced or have completely gone astray. You know that moment when the universe plays a trick on you? I have a few of those - you buy a new pair because you can't find your old one, then after a couple of days, your old pair magically appears at an area you've scoured a hundred times over. Hence, the multiple specs. 

Most of my pairs are retro frames. I just like how well they look. They're very flattering, and let's face it, utterly chic. Moscot is still the best brand for me. I love x 100 Warby Parker's designs; I have yet to try them though. I also love x 1,000 Warby Parker's prices and their cause. Above are some of the styles that I like from various brands.

3/ Moscot

4/  Warby Parker 

6/ J.Crew

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