The Grey Area

Scientists found out that having gray strands equals good health and longevity on wild boars. I don't know if it's the same with humans; great news if it is, but it still doesn't change the fact that grays are pesky.

I used to hate grey hairs with passion. Mine specifically, not others'. It screams 'I'm old!' Does anybody want to be reminded of that? Youth preservation is a fine thing, and should be stretched to a good, natural extent. 

Isabel Marant Grey Hair

I think 30% of my strands now are silver. I have to cover the roots every six weeks or so. The dye doesn't last long; greys come out after just two weeks. I have to cover them up with temporary color sticks because I want to lengthen the in-between days to lessen the damage.  

I'm slowly trying to embrace this natural occurrence. It came far too early for me, but what the heck. It's here already. I'm encouraged to go full-on grey when I see silver beauties who have completely accepted this change like Isabel Marant {above} and Sarah Harris {below}. Vogue UK's Harris started getting greys at 16! She decided to allow them to go wild because she got tired of coloring them. How liberating.

Sarah Harris Grey Long Hair

A lot of women color their hair grey just cause. Ruby Rose's {below} version has a lavender undertone, similar to Kelly Osbourne's. Grey with blue looks great, too.

Ruby Rose Pixie Grey Hair

I'm still summing up some courage right now, but I had a pact with myself recently - I will let them all grow out in five years. Will you go natural once the 'grey area' hits you or will you cover them up?

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