Hugo Guinness Linocuts

Let's talk about Hugo Guinness' work for a second. This amazing artist's linocuts have been on my great expectations list for years. I don't know when it'll get out of that list and come to fruition though. They say you have to train your brain into attracting what you want most. The universe will then conspire to give it you. If that fails, defaulting to good 'ol hard work is fine, too.

Anyway, back to Hugo Guinness's work. The ones below are just a few of my favorites because they depict my daily essentials and the things that I'm fond of, like the typewriter. As for the handcuffs, well, who doesn't need one, really? Anne Boleyn is a fascination. Badassery level: Expert. Love.

Matisse's linocuts is another dream. A big dream. I have to steal those. I'm also in love with Brücke's linocut pieces. You can check Hugo Guinness' work at John Derian. All the images are from the site as well. 

Hugo Guinness Linocuts Eyeglasses

Hugo Guinness Linocuts Car

Hugo Guinness Linocuts Cup

Hugo Guinness Linocuts Camera SLR

Hugo Guinness Linocuts Typewriter

Hugo Guinness Linocuts Bed

Hugo Guinness Linocuts Handcuffs

Hugo Guinness Linocuts True Love

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