Interior Snoop: Stark Victorian Home

A period interior with a brush of minimalism is high on my home interior list. I love open spaces that are predominantly white, but with loads of texture to break the monotony. It makes the space appear cooler, and this is a must when you're living in a country with three climates such as moi: hot, hotter, and wet. My bedroom is the only exception. The color should be dark. It just helps me sleep better.

Here's an amazing Victorian home in London that I recently filed under my I Will Have You Soon Homes list that embodies my interests. I found it here. It's a feature from Remodelista's editrix, Christine Chang Hanway. 

Interior Envy Stark London Victorian Home Living Room

Simple decorative mouldings in white are beautiful 

Interior Envy Stark London Victorian Home Library

A dark hued room looks fantastic when there's an ample amount of natural light coming in. I love the wall's matte finish and the pair of grey buttoned high back armchairs. 

Interior Envy Stark London Victorian Home

How I wish my kitchen could be like this: spacious, clutter-free, and so bright. An island with a why-didn't-I-think-of-that mini herb garden on the middle is a genius idea. It's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

antique copper faucet

And then there's this faucet in antique copper finish. Gorgeous!

dining area and kitchen

cupboard subway tiles

Little details matter a lot especially when done in a subtle way like these subway tiles. I like them as a countertop backsplash and for bathroom walls, but they also look amazing for cupboards.

Mismatched chairs in complementing colors are always a great idea. I'm having some serious chair envy right now! Some of my favorite designs are in the photo - Tolix, DAW, and Windsor. Let's also pay attention to that painted brick wall because it adds a lot of interest to the room.

vintage bathroom sink

A cool marriage of modern and vintage 

vintage roll rim tub clawfoot

That vintage roll rim bateau tub *heavy sigh*

vintage roll rim tub clawfoot

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