Jet 7 Bistro: Reviving More Than Just Live Music

When I watched the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the 7107 Music Festival last February, Flea's parting words were, "Support live music!" He's definitely not talking to my generation because live music is part of our DNA. 

I enjoy live music, and I seek it! Good quality music, that is. It's so easy to alter someone's real singing voice nowadays; some even seem too robotic. I've always believed that a performer is truly great when his voice is better during live performance than the recorded version. 

Good quality music with good food and drinks is something else. It's a simple luxury that shouldn't die. It should live forever! Thankfully, that is what Jet 7 Bistro is doing. 

Image credit: Jet 7 Bistro

Jet 7 Bistro opened March of this year with very guest-pleasing goals: serve satisfying international dishes, feature amazing live entertainment {Art N Sould and Summer}, and provide excellent service. 

Someone asked for the meaning behind the brand's name. Apparently, it's the owner's name. The number 7 is a lucky one for the owner. In fact, the event happened on the 7th of July. Aside from the power of great food, I believe in the force of numerology as well, so this doesn't come as a surprise. I'm actually intrigued by it. I forgot to ask why 7 is the owner's lucky number. That isn't prying. That's just being utterly curious.

Image credit: Jet 7 Bistro

The area is just right in terms of size {big enough to accommodate a mid-sized function, but small enough to retain a cozy feel} with really good acoustic. Aside from showcasing their exceptional dishes, Jet 7 Bistro's brand ambassador {Luigi Nunez} was introduced that night. 

US-trained Chef Chris and Chef Bobby are responsible for the well-curated dishes at Jet 7 Bistro. They have a wide array of dishes, wines, and cocktails that will cater to one's specific preference. I'm eager to try one of their specialties: Dungeness crabs. I will gladly go back for that!

First up was the Ceviche ~ a refreshing mixture of fresh shrimp salad with just the right amount of acidity and zing.

My glutton crew and I battled out for a piece of Jet 7 Bistro's Dinner Rolls! They're freshly baked at the restaurant. They're soft and full of flavor. It doesn't matter whether you smear butter or not on these fluffy beauties. So good!

Both the Herb Roasted Chicken and BBQ Beef Ribs {doused with a smoky, tangy, and sweet sauce} were both unmistakably tender and flavorful.  

Jet 7 Bistro's star is this behemoth of a steak: French Cut. It's a 28 oz. US Angus Rib eye that's been grilled to perfection. Big steak means big expectations, right? Thankfully, this one delivered on its appearance. The interior is tender as well as the exterior with a few crusty parts. It's juicy, pliant, and tasty.   

The dinner rightfully ended with a delicious sweet treat ~ Strawberry Sauvignon. 

Jet 7 Bistro 
G/F President Tower 81 Timog Ave. South Triangle
1102 Quezon City, Philippines
Contact No.: (02) 416.67.07
Operating Hours: Mon - Thu: 7:00 am - 2:00 am
                                Fri - Sat: 7:00 am - 3:00 am
                                Sun: 7:00 am - 2:00 am
Facebook: Jet 7 Bistro
Instagram: @Jet7Bistro

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