Style Insight: Jessica de Ruiter

I find understated ├ęclat very appealing. Black-on-black, white-on-white, and black and white with a little POC {pop of color} are proverbial power combos for me. This maybe mundane for others, but for me, it equals simple elegance. 

One such person who I admire style-wise is Jessica de Ruiter. The L.A.-based stylist has mastered the art of minimal sophistication to a tee...effortlessly. I envy and love her with utmost passion because of that. Below are my proofs as to why. Like or likeeeeeee? 

Jessica de Ruiter style black on black

Jessica de Ruiter black jeans, black shirt, black blazer

Jessica de Ruiter black dress

Jessica de Ruiter flared skirt, white button down shirt

Jessica de Ruiter breton shirt, brogues, white jeans

Jessica de Ruiter style

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