Bag Crush: Agnes Baddoo Leather Bags

Have you heard about the Law of Pr├Ągnanz? No? Well, it's simple. Really it is. That is what the law is all about: simplicity. The simpler, the better or it can also be, the clearer, the better. I like the said law; that's why I like these Agnes Baddoo bags, too! They're simple, structured, and made of leather. There are more hues, but these two are what I'm crushing on right now. Imagine the patina that will develop on the first one over time. I want it thoroughly used and beaten. The other one is black and white; my two favorite extremes. These are made to order and currently have a two-week wait. You can check the rest here

Agnes Baddoo Natural Cow Leather Bag
Natural Cow

Agnes Baddoo Black Buffalo Leather Bags
Black Buffalo

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