Eri Curry: A Japanese Curry House

Eri Curry is a pleasant surprise. I'd be lying if I say that the dishes look very pleasing. They don't have the aesthetic appeal, but the taste is an entirely different story. Delicious! 

Though curry originated in India, it's actually quite popular in Japan. It was the Brits who introduced curry to the Japanese people. It's a modified version, actually. It's sweeter due to inclusion of fruits; a taste that suits the Pinoy palate really well.

There are steps in ordering at Eri Curry, but they've made it easy, so you really don't have to worry. The servers will guide you through the process as well. Actually, their method is great for those diners who suffer from I-want-to-try-all mentality. More on this as we go along.

step 1: choose your eri curry plate

They currently have 15 curry plates. Hubs {someone who has the kind of mentality mentioned above} chose the Katsu Curry {below}, but he was also eager to try the others. Naturally, he can't do that. Even a glutton has his/her limit, right?

eri curry katsu curry
Katsu Curry   PhP 320

Lightly breaded, tender pork in a pool of delicious curry sauce. Sweet is the first thing you'll notice once the sauce touches your mouth, then the heat kicks in towards the end. Yum!

step 2: choose your rice quantity

Now, you're talking. Rice is love. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. They have three sizes: Small {200 grams}, Regular {300 grams}, and Large {400 grams}. On a regular day, small works for me. It's roughly around one cup.

step 3: choose your level of spiciness

Yen and I chose the 'Just Right', while Chuck and my husband chose the 'Spicy'. There's a third choice called 'Fiery'. Judging by the name, I knew that this would create chaos in my belly, so no. It's better to go low first than be sorry. You can always add a dab of togarashi if the heat is not enough for you.

step 4: add additional toppings

You have the option to add other viands to your curry plate. This is for people who have the I-want-to-try-all mentality. My husband added burger and my friend Yedy added....uhm.....a lot!

eri curry fried shrimp curry
Fried Shrimp Curry  PhP 350

A faultless ebi furai created with fresh and firm jumbo shrimps. This, like the others, can be quite satiating. To counteract that, mix some fukujinzuke {variety of pickled radish} to the dish!

eri curry beef omelette curry
Beef Omelette Curry  PhP 325

This was so good! When it arrived on the table, I thought there was too much curry sauce, but it turned out just fine. The sauce was the perfect union of sweet, spicy, and salty. The consistency was good, too. The beef chunks were tender enough, but it would be great if they can up that. 

The white stuff you see is mozzarella. Trust me when I say that you'd want a lot of those in the mix. You have to mix the whole thing together for maximum satisfaction. The rice, by the way, is hiding beneath the omelette

eri curry beef omelette curry

eri curry thin sliced beef curry
Thin Sliced Beef Curry   PhP 290

This has mozzarella too just like the rest of the dishes. I added mushrooms just because I felt that it would be a great complement to the beef, and because I love mushrooms, too. It turned out great!

The way the rice was cooked contributed immensely to the quality of the dish. It was smooth with a very good bite, and remained firm even when drenched with the curry sauce. It wouldn't have turned out the way it did had the rice been sodden.

eri curry karaage curry
Karaage Curry   PhP 250

Succulent chicken meat coated with light, crispy batter. I think that this would be a big hit for the kids. The chunks were adequate enough in size. If you still crave for more, there is always the add-on option.

eri curry kakigori
Rainbow Kakigori   PhP 190

A delicious and colorful sweet treat! Kakigori is a summer staple in Japan. It's made of shaved ice and syrups. Eri Curry has a couple of variations on their menu. This is one is the Rainbow Kakigori - blueberry, green apple, and strawberry. 

Eri Curry is currently on soft launch. Grand opening will be on September 8, 2014. Have you tried it yet? Thoughts?

Eri Curry 
3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium

1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines
Facebook: Eri Curry
Twitter: @eri_curry

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