Hot Bearded Men

Hot bearded men? Yes, please! Stubble to full-on scruff! Not the Duck Dynasty kind of full-on though. Beards are not for every man, unfortunately. Some can't pull it off while others simply can't grow one.

I was talking to a friend last week, and he told me that he wants one but his hair follicles failed him. Pffft. If I'm a guy, I'd be a little sad if this happens to me. I like it! I don't know, beards kinda give an instant upgrade to a man's hotness level. But to be fair, these guys below are already winners of the genetic lottery, so bearded or not, they're hot! 

David Gandy Hot Bearded Men

David Gandy's beard and stare

Devran Taskesen Hot Bearded Men

Beard and man bun. Sorry guys, these are reserved for pros. Pretty hard to pull off, but Devran Taskesen nailed both!

Henrik Fallanius Hot Bearded Men

Henrik Fallanius

Domenico Gianfrante Hot Bearded Men

Silver foxes! I vote that every man should get on the level of Nick Wooster and Domenico Gianfrante as they get older. Ageing is a privilege. We should do it in style!

Nick Wooster Beard Hot Bearded Men

Dimitris Alexandrou Beard Hot Bearded Men

Ink and beard - Dimitris Alexandrou

Rafael Lazzini Beard Hot Bearded Men

And Rafael Lazzini. Thank you, God!

Hold on. We all deserve another shot of him. Here you go.

Rafael Lazzini Hot Bearded Men

Okay, I'm gonna give you a moment {I need one too} before you answer this: You like guys with beard? If yes, name 'em, ladies!

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Onward and Upward!


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