King Chef Fine Dining Restaurant

Here's an intercultural truth: Chinese restaurants are a Filipino's default celebration place; majority, at least. You name it ~ birthdays, graduation, promotion, baby shower, despedida de soltera, etc. It's probably due to our strong penchant for the cuisine and the family-style servings. These were evident when we visited King Chef Fine Dining Restaurant. The place was almost packed! Below are some of the dishes we've tried:

Baked Seafood

Sweet Fuji apples with rich filling accented by tender chunks of various seafood. The stuffing was very creamy, but not leaden. They're very good and quite ample for a starter. I was about a third full once I was done with the Baked Seafood.

Crystal Prawn Balls

These Crystal Prawn Balls were simply amazing! They were plump and sweet, fresh prawny mass. The prawns were good, but they're free of any flavoring. The vivifying factor was the shrimp paste. Gawd, I love it! Smear a little on top and enjoy! 

Stuffed Eggplant in Japanese Sauce

I didn't expect to enjoy the Stuffed Eggplant in Japanese Sauce as much as I did. It's filled with chopped shrimp and spices which matched perfectly. The sauce was very heady yet satisfying.  

French Beans with Salted Egg

The humble beans were jazzed up with salted egg. Salty is my favorite amongst the five basic flavors, so this dish is a winner in my book. I liked that it was not oily; a big problem for some Chinese restaurants.

Garlic Burst Spareribs

I cannot eat this without rice as contrast. It's just not possible. I like the light breading with intense garlic flavor. Add to that fact was the tender and juicy flesh that was cooked through. 

Braised Bamboo Pith with Two Kinds Mushroom

A mushroom dish with oyster sauce is a staple Chinese restaurant order for my family and I. These silky-smooth mushrooms {bamboo pith-wrapped enoki and Chinese black mushroom} were dressed heavily with delicious oyster sauce. 

Fruit Burst

A fine mix of colors and textures! Balls of fresh watermelon, melon, and mangoes with a slice of orange. Added into the refreshing and healthy mix is a single, sweet jelly ball. 

King Chef Fine Dining Restaurant
2/F Lucky Chinatown Mall
Reina Regente st. corner Dela Reina st.,

Barangay 293, Zone 28, Binondo, Manila
Tel. Nos.: 720-9062, 720-8594, 466-5765

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