KXP Kulinarya Experience

Kulinarya, that long-standing restaurant at Power Plant Mall, has created a less expensive subdivision called KXP Kulinarya Experience. It's not really a masstige shift. This, I think, is more of a modified extension of the brand.  First off, they still have a couple of Kulinarya's well-loved dishes {Seafood Salad Maki and Surf and Turf} and a few more that are freshly curated. Here are some of them:

KXP Kulinarya Experience Hot Cheese and Nachos Dip
Hot Cheese Nachos Dip  PhP 285

A gooey, creamy, thick dip that's super exciting to eat when warm. What made the Hot Cheese Nachos Dip extra enticing for me was the tenderness of the pulled roast beef! The beef wasn't overly flavored. It didn't clash with the rest of the ingredients.This is actually not just a good starter; it's a fun afternoon snack as well!  

KXP Kulinarya Experience Cheesy Mac and Roastbeef
Cheesy Mac and Roast Beef  PhP 295

One of the tastiest Mac and Cheese I've had. The collab of flavors were quite subtle, leaving something more to be desired. The beef is similar to the one above. It's big enough for two, but judging by how good it was, I'm sure a Mac and Cheese lover could easily finish a bowl by himself/herself.

KXP Kulinarya Experience Cheese Steakburger
Cheese Steakburger  PhP 175

A reasonably priced and sized 'steakburger' with a good siding of fresh-cut fries. The patty {made from prime steak cuts} was perfectly seasoned; however, I'm not too keen on the bun.

KXP Kulinarya Experience Carbonara Truffled Egg
Carbonara with Truffled Egg and Pancetta  PhP 295

A straightforward carbonara boosted with the flavors of truffled egg and chunks of pancetta! I really enjoyed this one! The truffled egg provided just the right amount of creamy factor, and the pasta itself didn't lose its toothiness. 

KXP Kulinarya Experience Carbonara Truffled Egg Pancetta

KXP Kulinarya Experience Wafu Steak Pasta
Wafu Steak Pasta  PhP 250

The noodles were lightly flavored, making the taste of the yakiniku-style beef chunks unmistakable. I especially like that the chunks' rich brown crusts were slightly crispy; great texture combination along with the smooth pasta strands. A sprinkle of togarashi provides some heat to the dish. Yum!

KXP Kulinarya Experience Longganisa at Kesong Puti Pizza
Longganisa at Kesong Puti  PhP 135  and  TexMex  PhP 160

These personal size thin crust pizzas are actually big enough for two. I find the Longganisa {Spanish sausage} at Kesong Puti better than the TexMex. It's topped with Cabanatuan longganisa, fresh white cheese {kesong puti}, tomato cancasse, spring onions, and mozzarella. 

KXP Kulinarya Experience Chocolate Pots de Creme
Chocolate Pots de Creme

This was delicious, and I don't even like chocolate that much! It's silky, smooth, and dense with a deep, rich chocolate flavor. Really, really good!

KXP Kulinarya Experience
G/F The Commerce Center, Filinvest, 
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Twitter: @kulinaryaglobal

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