Hair Muse: Long Wavy Bob with Highlights

Thank goodness for the beach waves trend! I naturally have this kind of texture, and I've always hated it. Straight hair is glorified here. Not just straight; it has to be stick-straight with a blinding sheen. I was thisclose into having mine straightened just to conform. I wandered away from the idea because I was too scared to pump my head with more chemicals than what I do on a bi-monthly basis due to my greys. 

Anyway, this long wavy bob is one of the best cuts I've seen, and I want it! I love the razor edge, asymmetrical layering, and the colors! A good pro is a must for this one. Styling would be a bit of an effort for those with thick hair like mine. I tame my mane with argan oil. Lots of it. If they find even a minute evidence that it's extremely safe to drink, I'd down that in a heartbeat.

But seriously, is this hairstyle good or great?

Long Wavy Bob with Highlights

Long Wavy Bob with Highlights

Long Wavy Bob with Highlights

More shots of this bob at

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