PF Flyers Sneakers

I had a pair of PF Flyers center lo back in 7th Grade, if I'm not mistaken. A lot of my friends and I were so hooked on sneakers during that time ~ Reebok Pump, Nike Air Max, Tretorn, New Balance, K-Swiss, Adidas Superstar, Converse {I like Jack Purcell better than the All-Star}, etc. PF Flyers was barely known in PHL then. I bought a pair for comfort.....okay, and style. But really, I find them far more comfortable than Chucks. 

PF stands for Posture Foundation. The American footwear started back in 1933 with the vulcanized rubber insole patented by BF Goodrich. It was later sold to Converse, but they decided to resell it because "the merger was ruled as monopoly." The brand is now owned by New Balance, and they are responsible for the tweaked PF Flyers today. Mighty fine result, I say. 

PF Flyers Sneakers Center Hi red

PF Flyers Sneakers Center Hi black

PF Flyers Sneakers Center Hi camo

PF Flyers Sneakers Center lo green

I like their Todd Snyder Collection, too. They're for the boys though. You can check out more PF Flyers here.

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