Teddy's Bigger Burgers: Haiwaii's Finest is Now in Manila

Teddy's Bigger Burger Monster Kailua Burger Double Patty

From being a backyard cookout food du jour to Hawaii's top burger joint, Teddy's Bigger Burgers has come a long way; In Manila's case, it's 5,459 flight miles to be exact. Hawaii's finest is finally here!

Founders Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula gave a snippet about Teddy's Bigger Burgers' humble beginnings during their pre-launch event yesterday. They started the restaurant out of frustration for great burgers in their area. So in 1998, they decided to reinvent the burger scene by providing topnotch burgers made from 100% corn-fed U.S. Black Angus ground chuck with no, according to them, absolutely no binders, preservatives or fillers. 

Enough with the history now. Let's get this party started!

In accordance with the brand's name, the patties are really huge! It's a struggle to eat with additional toppings. Very, very messy. But you know what? If you're not creating a slaphappy mess while eating burgers, you're doing it wrong!

Below is the Kailua Monster Double Burger. It's 10 oz. of juicy, expertly charbroiled, double patty with lettuce, special sauce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, teri, Swiss cheese, and mushrooms. The special sauce, by the way, is a sweet and tangy aioli. Hubs got the 10 oz. combo. It includes soda and onion rings or fries. I personally like the fries better. 

They have three options for the buns: potato, wheat, and lettuce wrap. The best for me is still potato, but I'll probably get the lettuce wrap next time. 

Teddy's Bigger Burger Monster Kailua Burger Double Patty
Kailua Monster Double Burger  10 oz. PhP 715

Fight that urge to lick your screen!

Teddy's Bigger Burger Kailua Burger
Kailua Burger  PhP 450

I, on the other hand, wolfed down the single patty Kailua Burger! This is one of Teddy's Bigger Burgers' specialty burger blends. It has a 5 oz. patty that's topped with teri sauce, grilled mushrooms, gigantic onion slices, and a slice of Swiss cheese. I got additional special sauce {PhP 35} and peanut butter {PhP 35} on the side. 

The depth of flavor was so good, but what it made it great for me was the peanut butter. Smear that delicious paste on your patty and prepare to be wowed!

By the way, if you prefer Teddy's Specialty Toppings just like the Kailua Burger, you have to add a few more bucks. For the Kailua, it's PhP 150.

Teddy's Bigger Burger Kailua Burger

I went for the full carbo load adventure! I got a side of fries and a 12 oz. extra thick strawberry milkshake {PhP 120}! Both deserve an equal billing. For additional texture and taste, fresh chunks of strawberries are included in the shake. Love that! 

Teddy's Bigger Burger Kailua Burger
Kailua Burger  vs.  Hawaiian Style

Teddy's Bigger Burger Hawaiian Style
Hawaiian Style  PhP 370

This is one of Teddy's Bigger Burgers' famous creations; plump patties with old-school toppings such as cheese, onions, and lettuce packed in-between soft potato buns. The golden ingredient is grilled pineapple rounds. The sweet juices of the pineapple seeps right through the moist patty as you eat. 

Teddy's Bigger Burger Bacado Burger
Bacado Burger  PhP 425

This is undoubtedly a manly man's burger. It's very generous, size-wise. I don't know how Richard was able to bite down on this one. It's definitely a feat. 

The ingredients are quite simple {avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese}, but when combined together, they morph into a seriously good mix.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers Founders Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula
Teddy's Bigger Burgers Founders Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula

Teddy's Bigger Burgers will formally open on the 23rd of August, and they have a great treat for their first customers on that day. Free burgers!

  • First 100 customers - Free burgers
  • First 5 customers in line - Free burgers for one year {one per week}
  • Sixth to Tenth customers in line - Free burgers for six months {one per week}
  • Eleventh to Twentieth customers in line - Free burgers for three months {one per week}

Teddy's Bigger Burgers
3F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
Twitter: @TeddysBurgersPH
Instagram: @teddysburgersph

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