La Femme

Jean Seberg

Women are really such confusing yet fascinating creatures, yes? 

I will never conform to Cosmopolitan-like-suggestions on how to be more 'likeable' in the eyes of men. I believe in the world of opposites, too. I respect individuality. I am a woman; I will act accordingly. I will not force myself to like basketball, avoid make-up, or not yelp when I see a rat just because men prefer that. I will like something because I want to, never for a guy, even if he's this hot. Oh, wait. Give me a day to rethink, okay?

Men are losing their strands from understanding us, and we are experiencing hot flashes {let's blame that to them, too} because of them. That's the beauty of it! If we understand each other so much, then everything would be so boring. 

I don't believe in equality. I want men to treat me like a woman, and all the gallant gestures that goes with it. It's dead because we {women} killed it. I don't want to be at the same level as men. I want to surpass that level. My personality has been tweaked a little, probably because of the change in times, but my temperament remains. 

The stills are from one of my favorite movies: Breathless. It's by Jean Luc-Godard and stars Jean Seberg. I admit, I watched the movie at first only because of Jean Seberg. I have a huge crush on her! The movie turned out great, so now I consider it as one of the best. I watched it again last night hence this post.

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