Seattle's Best Coffee's Javakula BOGO Promo for September

Jeans, shoes, sunglasses, men {okay before you object, check this out first}, heads {?}, and Javakula ~ everything that's great should come in pairs, right?

What's that slang term they say nowadays? Ah! Matchy-matchy! Just had a 'matchy-matchy Monday' at Seattle's Best Coffee awhile ago! Their famous beverage Javakula are on BOGO {Buy One, Get One} promo starting today until the 14th of September, 2014! 

Seattle's Best Coffee Peppermint Pot and Sea Salt

Well, ours is not exactly matchy-matchy, but you get the point. I just added that for a wee bit of drama. In our defense, our drinks are of the same size, so technically, they still match. If you wanna get the same Jakula variant though, you can.

Anyways, I got the Sea Salt Caramel while big daddy gulped down his favorite Javakula: Peppermint Pot. The newest mix in SBC's Javakula this year is the Strawberry Fields. I was too full from lunch awhile ago, so I decided to just try the latest Javakula tomorrow. 

Javakula Peppermint Pot
Peppermint Pot Javakula

Seattle's Best Coffee Javakula Peppermint Pot and Sea Salt

Javakula Sea Salt
Sea Salt Javakula

Seattle's Best Coffee Javakula Peppermint Pot and Sea Salt

The best person for your Take One is the one who's wholeheartedly willing to pay for your drink, amirayt? Either that or someone who will never play with your heart. Yeah, let's add a bit of emo twist to Javakulas. Why? Why not? 

For more info, please check out SBC's poster below!

Seattle's Best Coffee Javakula Buy One Get One

The promo is available for ice blended and hot javakula.

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