Christmas Gifts Ideas For Boys That Can Be Enjoyed by Adults , Too!

We're already halfway through October! Can you believe that? I feel like I just bought last year's Christmas gifts a few weeks ago! 

I ask my boys to do a Christmas wish list every year; one for us and one for Santa. I have one for Santa too, but I doubt if he's gonna give me the things that I want this year. I'm not feeling the love anymore, Santa. Well, you can always make up for this year, you know? By the way, I know where you live. No pressure, though.

Anyway, I got my boys' list a few days ago, and below are some of the things they want for Christmas. The great thing about their picks is that they can be enjoyed by adults, too! 

Crayola Maker Marker

Back when I was a kid, having the large box of crayola was already very - what's the word - boss. Now, the young ones have tons of Crayola choices that would've made me cartwheel from glee. My boys {especially my youngest} love doing artwork, and this Crayola Maker Marker is simply perfect! We never run out of school art projects, so this will definitely be useful. 

ClickN Kids Tablet

I honestly didn't know about the ClickN Kids Tablet 'till a few days ago. Go me! What I love most about this tablet are these three key features that will give parents a little peace of mind: web content filtering, built-in monitoring and controls to protect the child's identity, and usage monitoring. 

Lego: Marvel Superheroes Universe in Peril Nintendo DS

My boys are huge marvel fans - from actual comics to video games! Lego is another obsession of theirs. When it comes to console games, it's my husband and brothers who play with them. Come to think of it, since the other three guys {hubs and brothers} will benefit from the Lego: Marvel Superheroes Universe in Peril as well, I can skip buying them gifts this year. Niceee!

Super Mario Brothers Wii

I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. Back then, we used Family Computer. It's considered Jurassic now, but it was super cool at that time. You know what I love best about this Nintendo classic? Siblings should always have each others’ back; that and the fact that if you work hard enough, you will get the princess.

There's a couple of cute stuff for girls, too! 

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