Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar's Anniversary Menu

Highly inventive savouring was what I expected from Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar's anniversary menu. Once again, they did not disappoint! Thanks to Chefs Rob Pengson and Jonvic Mangibin, the palate-beckoning creations were both a sight to behold, and a pleasure to eat!  

Here's what my friends and I had:

panna cotta
Panna Cotta

Hugged by a crisp coating are the cute blue crab cakes resting on top of bufala mozzarella panna, sliver tomato carpaccio, purple basil flowers, and calabrese hash and oil. The play of flavors was amazing! Sweet and soft crustacean meat commingled perfectly with the lightly acerbic tomato carpaccio, and the insipid mozzarella di bufalo. 


If I'm gonna be given flowers for something {except V-Day}, this is how I want it - petals peppered in something delicious! The petals itself were innocent in terms of taste, but they added an exciting aesthetic touch, don't you think? Uovo is Italian for egg. The organic egg being highlighted in this OTKB dish is cooked sous-vide. It's peppered with lumps of pan-roasted wild mushrooms, parmesan polenta, morel spuma, and pistachio citrus.  



Agnolotti with baby octopus tentacles, chorizo and potato mousseline, whipped butter, and red cabbage broth. I'm not too fond of octopus or any tentacled creature for that matter, but I find the overall combination of flavors satisfying. 

Maialino alla Spiedo
Maialino alla Spiedo

This was definitely an inspired assortment! Memorable, I believe, is the best one-word description for this dish. Layers of amazing texture beholds the diner on the milk bathed suckling pig alone. Once you cut through the crisped skin, you'll be greeted by a thin layer of glorious fat, and finally, the ultra tender meat. The bitter greens gnudi and raspberry vinaigrette cuts though the grease, so it's a-okay. 


From one wonderful dish to another! I was overly eager for more when I had the Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar's Bistecca. I was even willing to skip the dessert in replacement. No, I wasn't. Only a fool would skip dessert. Anyway, the flavor-filled mulwarra tenderloin with foie gras shavings, sweet bread caponata, mosto cotto, and zucchini frites was exceptional. 

Olio d' Oliva
Olio d' Oliva

See? Why would anyone want to skip this? Olive oil sponge coated evenly with lemon liqueur ganache, pineapple mousse, topped with compressed orange and fennel. It was an intense war between sweet and sour in which I was only the happy spectator. 

Olio d' Oliva

Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar
G/F B4, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, BGC Taguig
Tel. No. (+632) 823.03.66
Operating Hours: Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
                             Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
                             Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

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