Spotify Family

spotify family

We request, Spotify listens...and made it happen! One of the most requested Spotify features is finally available for our listening pleasure!

I'm way in too deep to quit Spotify. I'm not even gonna try. I love music, and Spotify makes it so much easy for me to fulfill my obsession. Hubs and the kids are very much into it as well, that's why this new Spotify Family is simply perfect.

Here's what you need to know about Spotify Family:

Save some money

You can now invite up to four family members and share one billing account while keeping your listening history, recommendations and playlists completely separate.

Every one gets an account

Your account. Your music. With Spotify Family, everyone gets their very own account. Enjoy separate playlists and recommendations and play your music whenever you like.

Every one gets a FULL Spotify Premium experience

That's right! You can all listen offline, play any song, any time, on any device. No restrictions. No ads. I just like to note that though I find the ad annoying, I love the voice of the Spotify ad guy. That's all.

Add up to four family members

With Spotify Family, you can add up to four family members to your account, and each additional user gets 50% off Spotify Premium. That means a family of five pays only PHP389.00 per month. All in one simple payment.

Peace and harmony 

No more fighting over what to listen to, and no more interruptions when someone else logs in and starts playing.

Spotify Family will roll out globally over the upcoming weeks. To learn more about this great new deal, click here.

Turn up the music. Turn down the drama.

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