Yoree Korean Barbecue Restaurant at BGC

Tucked away in a discreet area {for now, due to the road construction in front of the restaurant} of BCG, I was surprised to see that despite that stumbling block, Yoree Korean Barbecue is still being populated by eager gastronomers; most of which are Koreans. Good sign.

The first time I went there with my friends, I figured out why. By the second visit, the reason became clearer. The third solidified it. Great food! The great food was enhanced by affable service. Chef Lee is very personable! I'm going for a fourth, fifth, sixth..... I'll let you know what epiphany I'll have by the 10th. ;-)

Yoree Korean Barbecue Banchan Kimchi, Pickle, Muchim
Kimchi, Pickle, Muchim

The Juk {rice porridge} plus 3 servings of banchan {kimchi, pickle, muchim}. Yoree's three banchan variants is small-scale compared to the dozens served in other Korean restaurants. Since I was prepping up for the main event, this barely mattered to me.

Yoree Korean Barbecue Juk Rice porridge
Juk {rice porridge}

Yoree Korean Barbecue Gyeran Jjim
Gyeran jjim  PhP 130

The aroma of a gloppy egg in a dolsot hit me square in the gut even before it reached our table. The dish was seasoned well with the smoky flavor clinging to every morsel. Simple, but oh-so perfect!

Yoree Korean Barbecue hae mool pa jeon
Hae mool pa jeon  PhP 200

Another starter that left a lovely mark on my palate is the Hael mool pa jeon - pancake with a heap of clam meat, octopus, shrimp, and green onion. It's very tasty, and has a big amount of zing, too! You can subdue the heat by dipping it in the accompanying sauce or ask for milder version if you have a low tolerance.
Yoree Korean Barbecue seafood jap chae
Seafood jap chae  PhP 250

Jap chae! Lord, I love jap chae! This sweet potato noodles fused with plump shrimps, sauteed veggies, and slivers of beef is definitely far better than the average. To make it extra tasty, the dish was served in a twist-top wax paper to seal in the amazing juices. Yup. Yum!

Haemool soon tofu  PhP 380

The flame-orange broth is a dead giveaway to its taste; except that it wasn't. Surprisingly, we didn't breathe fire after consuming this hearty soup. The heat level was medium, and the taste level was large! The soft tofu slices provided a good contrast to the piquant flavors of the complex seafood-rich soup. 

Chadol duinjang jjigae  PhP 380

I forgot to take a ready-for-eating shot of the Chadol duinjang jjigae. Strong hunger pangs will do that to you. Anyway, I liked this better than the Haemool soon tofu because of its richer taste. The additive bounty includes thinly-sliced beef, chunks of tofu, slices of green chili peppers, and veggies. 

Yoree Korean Barbecue dolsot bibimbap
Haemul dol-sot Bibimbap  

Served in a dolsot {hot stone bowl}, this famous Korean dish was one of the day's table favorites. A group of colorful and delicious ingredients that were mixed together perfectly. We're all aware of how good bibimbap can be, and this one is a notch better than what I've had in the Metro so far. Can we talk about the meat now? 

Yoree Korean Barbecue yangnyum galbi
Yangnyum galbi 280g  PhP 720

Ah, la carnivora! I believe I've fulfilled my meat requirement for the week after our lunch at Yoree. It was mind-blowingly delicious, too! 

Yoree has a different exhaust system for their grilling tables, by the way. It engulfs the fume downward instead of the dangling tubes that catch it skyward. More logical, right? It ensures that nothing will escape the hatch, and not a single smoke will touch your #ootd.  

Yoree Korean Barbecue yangnyum galbi

So, about the meat. We started with the Yangnyum galbi - seasoned short rib marinated with sweet and savory sauce with shrimp and vegetables. It was a complete torture waiting for the meat to render, but we were all rewarded greatly in the end. Delicious. Tender. Glorious. See final version below. You can devour it unadulterated, dip it in one of the sauces, or veggie wrap it. All options hold a good appeal.

Yoree Korean Barbecue samgyupsal
Samgyupsal 150g   PhP 380

Sliced pork belly meat with over-aged kimchi and slivers of garlic. Place a superiorly charred pork belly on a fresh lettuce, add ssamjang then kimchi, and lastly garlic. Eat, be amazed, repeat. 

Yoree Korean Barbecue samgyupsal

Yoree Korean Barbecue woo samgyup
Woo samgyup  150g  PhP 320
The thinly sliced marinated beef belly was the least enticing of all for me, but still, it was delicious. You'd appreciate it more with slightly burnt ends. Hubs think that this is one of the greatest things on earth though. To each his own.

Yoree Korean Barbecue woo samgyup

Yoree Korean Barbecue jumulleok
Jumulleok  150g   PhP 480

The meat king of the day for me was the Jumulleok - beef marinated with salt and sugar and massaged for two hours! You can feel the after effect of the deep tissue massage right in the center of your mouth. It's fantastically tender! Slightly sweet juices ooze out once you bite through the amazing meat. It's glorious! My youngest son and I devoured {more like ravaged} three orders of this on our second visit. Pure talent.

Yoree Korean Barbecue pat bing su
pat bing-su  
The pat bing-su is a dome of delicious shaved ice with sweetened adzuki {red bean}, mango, and candied pecans. They import the red beans from Korea because they couldn't find a similar {texture} one here. This was definitely a fine end to a wonderful lunch.

Aside from the à la carte, Yoree has a set menu option. It's good for one person, and starts at PhP 500. If you prefer the ones we had in smaller portions, you can get the Course Dinner A. All of it for PhP 1,050/person.

FYI: Parking is a burden. Mother Cabrini can't do a thing either. It's better to park at The Fort Strip, which is just right across. 

Yoree Korean Barbecue
1-6 Forum South Global, 7th Avenue cor Federation Drive, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City., Taguig
Operating Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11;30 am - 10;30 pm
Contact Nos.: (+632) 357.07.96
                         (+63929) 466.00.32
Instagram: @yoreebbq

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