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Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar is a fairly new hole-in-the-wall gastropub that serves a hodgepodge of cuisines including Filipino, American, and Italian. Parika offers good-for-sharing dishes in an informal yet cozy space at the 2nd floor RCBC Savings Corporate Tower. The man responsible for the delicious dishes is well-tattooed chef, Mauriz Santos {former OTKB chef}. Check out what my friends and I tried below!

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar bacon onion marmalade bruschetta
Bacon Onion Marmalade Bruschetta  PhP 165

Put bacon into anything and the dish is automatically elevated into, at least, 88% tasty level. That's my assumption. You're very much welcome to come up with yours. It's free. I like bacon, so Paprika's Bacon Onion Marmalade Bruschetta is a yay for me! It's pretty straightforward, but delicious. Piled on top of the toasted slices of baguette-style French bread were melted Gruyere cheese, alfalfa sprouts {love!}, and the highlight of the dish - bacon onion marmalade. 

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar trio dip

Paprika's Trip Dip is another must-try! I actually enjoyed this one better than the Bacon Onion Marmalade Bruschetta. The dips with crostini are easy palate-pleasers. You have the deliciously earthy Truffled Mushroom, the tangy Eggplant Caponata, and the rich Spinach dip. 

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar eggplant caponata, spinach, truffle mushroom
Trio Dip  PhP 165

Roast Beef Pares  PhP 255

I can eat this all day, every day! I'm gonna get really fat, but I'll be super happy! Thin-cut, tender beef heaped with rich sauce over a pile of garlic fried rice! Drops of chili-oil on every spoonful make the dish extra addictive.  

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar roast beef pares

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar adobo
Adobo Overload  PhP 305

This was an excellent shift from the ordinary Filipino table staple. Adobo fiends who despise the feeling of drinking a bottle of cooking oil after devouring one would take comfort in knowing that this is the complete opposite. Looking at it, I must admit that the slab looks questionable - number one, it looks parched. There's no number two, in case you were wondering. This much I can tell: the taste supersedes the appearance. It's crispy as hell and had an adobo flavor overkill {pork adobo with adobo rice, adobo sauce, adobo mayo} that's not annoying.  

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar baby back ribs
Baby Back Ribs  PhP 325

Paprika's Baby Back Ribs were tender, well-charred, and slathered with a sweet and salty marinade. It's delicious as it is, but a little zing won't hurt either.

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar bagoong pasta
Bagoong Pasta  PhP 220

Paprika's Bagoong Pasta deserves a national accolade for upgrading the humble fermented shrimp condiment. I've always believed that it takes years for someone to, somewhat, like bagoong. I mean, it's an acquired taste, and the smell is not the best in the world. I love everything about it, though. If you know someone {say, a non-Pinoy} who's eager to try bagoong, this dish can be his/her introduction. Whoever it is will love it! I dare say that this is the best pasta in this place. The right amount of sweet bagoong clinches the al dente noodles well. I would've preferred if the pork liempo was cut into bite-sized pieces {I'm lazy}, though. 

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar Aligue pasta
Aligue Pasta  PhP 300

Aligue is that intoxicating part of a crab that gives me so much happiness, it hurts. This was delicious, no doubt. The batter-fried shrimps were the perfect compliment. 

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar chicken and waffles
Chicken and Waffles  PhP 245

Keep calm because this pairing will make you fat, but it's okay 'cause they're worth it! The crunchy buttermilk schnitzel {sort of} was fried perfectly - golden, not greasy, juicy interior. The waffle was equally satisfying. Elevate the game with some maple and gravy! Just pour them all, and be happy!

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar chicken and waffles

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar what the fudge
WTF! {What The Fudge}  PhP 180

WTF! - a layered dessert that was fun to look at, eat, and say! The beautiful dessert is composed of dark and white chocolate ganache, coffee jelly, and chocolate soil. 

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar WTF What the fudge

Special thanks to Paprika's lighting for being so cooperative that day, and of course, to the very accommodating Paprika team! Check out Paprika's selection of drinks here

Paprika Comfort Food + Cocktail Bar 
2nd floor RCBC Savings Corporate Tower, 
25th and 26 Street, Bonifacio Global City
Contact Nos. (+632) 425.96.21 / (+632) 856.50.08 / 
(+63906) 356.96.60 / (+63919) 201.89.27  
Facebook: Paprikaph 
Instagram: @paprikaph

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