Tony Roma's Ribs and Ribvolution

I haven't been to Tony Roma's in a while; a while would probably be, more or less, three years. Aside from their ribs that are still very much on point, I made a few discoveries when we had dinner at their BGC branch that surprised a great way! 

Firstly, I didn't know that kids below 10 can eat for free every single day! As a mom who's constantly looking for good deals, this is great news! More on this and the 'Ribvolution' later.  

Tony Roma's BGC Ribs and Ribvolution

Tony Roma's at The Fort Strip is company's third branch in the country, and the biggest to date. True to Tony Roma's quest for a relaxed setting, the interior is pretty much a straightforward cozy gentleman's quarter.  

Tony Roma's The Sonoma Salad
The Sonoma Salad  Half PhP 425  /  Full  PhP 675

Even the not-so-salad-obsessives will rejoice in Tony Roma's Sonoma Salad. The mixed greens are festooned with green apple slices, pecans, dried cranberries, and Bleu cheese crumbles! The red wine vinaigrette adds a sweet and tangy touch to each verdant forkful. The whole thing is crowned with succulent slices of grilled chicken.   
Tony Roma's Roma Sampler Half Onion Loaf,  Spicy BBQ Boneless Bites, and Spinach Artichoke Dip
Roma Sampler {Half Onion Loaf,  Spicy BBQ Boneless Bites, and Spinach Artichoke Dip}  PhP 1125

The Roma Sampler is something to look forward on a cheat day! Huge, batter-kissed onions were seasoned just right to highlight the accompanying dips. The coating is light, but oh-so crispy, and the onions' natural sweetness merge perfectly with the tartness of the dips. The Spicy BBQ Boneless Bites smothered with sour cream was addicting, while the rich Spinach Artichoke Dip was begging to be scooped out by freshly fried tortilla chips. 

Tony Roma's Ocean Feast
Ocean Feast  PhP 1815

Another battered delight that's a pleasure to devour. Crispy fish fillets, fried shrimps, and calamari rings were devoid of grease. They're served with crab-sticks and potato salad, corn on the cob, and dips.

Tony Roma's Ocean Feast

Tony Roma's Steak and Mushroom Flatbread
Steak and Mushroom Flatbread

The Steak and Mushroom Flatbread is a fairly new dish at Tony Roma's. The slightly greasy and crispy squares are topped with grilled steak, mushroom, loads of cheese, and red bell pepper. 

Tony Roma's Star-Studded Sampler
Star-Studded Sampler  PhP 1295

The BBQ ribs are undoubtedly the superstar dish at Tony Roma's. We could never pass up on the opportunity to get our hands and mouth on those charred and sticky beauties. After all, Tony Roma's is "famous for ribs." We ordered the Star-Studded Sampler {Original BBQ, Carolina honeys, Red Hots, and Blue Ridge Smokies} to satisfy our diverse palate cravings. Like I mentioned above, Tony Roma's ribs are still on point! They were exceptionally flavorful and juicy!

Tony Roma's Star-Studded Sampler

Kids Eat for Free Everyday

It's true! Kids 10 and below can eat for free every single day at Tony Roma's! For a minimum order of PhP 1,000, the kids can choose from any of these Kid's Meals: Kid's Pizza, Kid's Tenders, Kid's Burger, Kid's Pasta, Kid's Ribs, Kid's Fingers, and Kid's Quesadilla. 

Tony Roma's Ribvolution Card

Tony Roma's Ribvolution Card puts a new meaning to the idiom "bang for the buck." Check out what this card offers below! 

More discounts!

Tony Roma's 
5th Avenue Corner 28th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 
P. (632) 8472178
F. (632) 8089350

Onward and Upward!


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