ArroZeria: A Rice Fanatic's Wonderland

ArroZeria Manila Century City Mall A Rice Fanatic's Wonderland

ArroZeria is a rice-centered concept from the people responsible for VASK's success. The name is a bon mot of arroceria - meaning "The House of Rice". The menu was carefully crafted with an aim to please more than just rice fanatics courtesy of Chef J. Luis Gonzales.

ArroZeria Manila Century City Mall A Rice Fanatic's Wonderland

ArroZeria Manila Century City Mall A Rice Fanatic's Wonderland

I love rice! I always have, so when a restaurant highlights these white morsels of bliss, my brain doesn't put up a struggle. It simply shuts up and pays complete attention. At ArroZeria, rice is not only highlighted, it is given the respect it deserves! Hence ArroZeria's tagline: "Where rice is the hero." Its potential is stretched to the limit through various dishes.

ArroZeria Manila Century City Mall A Rice Fanatic's Wonderland

Another thing that's great about this new restaurant is the group's desire to use sustainable local ingredients. One need not be a genius to know its impact to the local farmers and to the economy. In fact, they were able to source a grain that's similar to the arroz bomba {rice of choice for paella} in the Cordillera region with the help of International Rice Research Institute.

ArroZeria Manila Century City Mall A Rice Fanatic's Wonderland

Below are just some of Arrozeria's offerings that I had with my foodie family. I think I just gained another 6 lbs. just by looking at the photos for the third time, but man, every pound gained is worth it! 

Arrozeria Manila Chicken Liver Mousse
Chicken Liver Mousse


A swirl of silky and flavorful Chicken Liver Mousse was the first of many that will command your palate's attention. You're definitely going to crave for more after that first taste.

Arrozeria Manila Tatin de Tomate
Tatin de Tomate  PhP 399

A colorful and delicious combination of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, greens, parmesan sable on a bed of spinach pesto that gives the rest a good punch. 


Arrozeria Manila Gambas con Gabardina Negra
Gambas con Gabardina Negra  PhP 395

Special mention to the ebony coating being light and extra crunchy! It made the sweet shrimp meet more enjoyable. A quick dip in the mojo picón will give it an extra lift, but honestly, I can do without. The squid ink battered shrimps were great on their own.

Arrozeria Manila Tabla de Pates
Tabla de Pates  PhP 395

That huge irregular block of goodness has a nice price point, don't you think? The consensus in our table puts the Chicken Pistachio {second one from the bottom} and Cochinillo {third} on top of the list, closely followed by the Campagne {fourth} then the Fish Terrine {first}. The patés alone were a concoction of memorable ingredients, but then in comes the trio of dips {Black Olive, Parsley, and Porcini Mushroom Mayonnaise} for extra decadence. Not complaining. Not at all.

Chef J. Luis Gonzales explained that there is really no rule as to which one goes with what. He suggests that it's better to experiment and find your own pairing of choice. I like that. It's straightforward, simple, and fun. Food need not be overly anal. 

Arrozeria Manila Croquetas Trio
Croquetas Trio  PhP 275

The Croquetas Trio is not served in threes. It appears to be so in my shot, but the truth is, those were the only ones left by the time I remembered to take a snap. Anyway, the trio are variants of croquetas, namely, Fish and Seafood, Stewed Bechamel, and Porcini Mushrooms. The last one made my head spin in a very good way. It has a really good creamy filling that will not make you doubt its mushroom content plus a good crunchy shell.  

Arrozeria Manila Carpaccio de Atun
Carpaccio de Atun  PhP 195

The Carpaccio de Atun is sort of like the calm before the storm interlude; the storm being the gastro wonders below. Paper-thin slices of tuna are topped with specks of crispy jamon, tomato hearts, and calamansi espuma.

C A R N E S   Y   P E S C A D O S

Arrozeria Manila Tomahawk Steak
Tomahawk  PhP 575/100g

Arrozeria's Tomahawk was an outstandingly massive supreme hunk! The exterior had a sexy char while the interior was pink, tender, and just mind-blowingly delicious. As if that's not enough, the chef gathered the excess strips of fat, and deep-fried it. I tried two small pieces, and that was enough for me to utter a barrage of curses! Yes, I'm classy like that. This comes with potatoes, mushrooms, mustard, blue cheese and spinach cream sauce on the side.

Arrozeria Manila Tomahawk Steak


Arrozeria Manila Carilleras Estofadas
Paella Valenciana  PhP 295

At this point, I sneakily unbuttoned my jeans to give myself some ease room for what's to come. The Paella Valenciana was served first. You can choose between a soft and wet or an al dente and thin consistencies. The Valenciana one-pot dish brimming with chicken, rosemary, green and white beans.  

Arrozeria Manila Valencia
Carilleras Estofadas  PhP 450

The Carilleras Estofadas contains tender stewed beef cheeks, cauliflower, and brocolli. I enjoyed this one a lot! Since the ingredients are nominal, each can be savored well. It's perfectly seasoned and the texture's on point.

Arrozeria Manila De Cangrejo
De Cangrejo  PhP 275

A little bit of heaven in a pot with a perfect soupy consistency! Every grain was embedded with fine crustacean flavors that wasn't over the top. I'm very partial to crabs, so eating this was a monumental pleasure.

Arrozeria Manila Risotto - Foie Gras y Boletus
Risotto - Foie Gras y Boletus  PhP 550


Even the rice-averse will give this Foie Gras y Boletus risotto a one-man standing ovation plus a slow clap. This is the most memorable ArroZeria dish for me. It's composed of velvety chunks of foie gras and porcini mushrooms. The taste was a struggle between good and amazing, and the consistency divine. Add to that fact is the good bite the rice had. Perfection!

Arrozeria Manila Cuajada al Momento
Cuajada al Momento  PhP 250

Arrozeria Manila Cuajada al Momento

The Cuajada al Momento and the Cremoso de Chocolate are just two of ArroZeria's dulces. The first one is a fun way to have good dessert! The goat milk curd comes with cups of honey, toasted walnuts, and apple compote, plus an hourglass. Once the dessert is placed on your table, you have to flip the hourglass over. As soon as the sand falls through completely, you can start placing the add-ons on top. 

The latter is a gobbet of creamy chocolate with crumbed streusel, tuile, ginger confit, and raspberry jam. It's light and not too sweet.  
Arrozeria Manila Cremoso de Chocolate
Cremoso de Chocolate  PhP 250

ArroZeria's beverage list is approvingly ample, too! Their La Guapa {Rose Sangria} is something to be excited about, really. So good!  

ArroZeria will have a soft opening starting February 1, 2015. It's on the same level as Hole in the Wall, by the way. For inquiries, please see details below:

ArroZeria Manila
Level 4, Century City Mall,
Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City
Contact No.: (+63920) 974.47.42
Facebook: ArroZeriaMNL
Twitter: @ArroZeriaMNL
Instagram: @ArroZeriaMNL

Onward and Upward!


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