Joan Didion for Céline

Joan Didion for Céline

I am loving the current shift in terms of dotage in the world of fashion and beauty. Helen Mirren was named L’Oréal's ambassador late last year, and then there's Charlotte Rampling for Nars. Céline recently divulged their latest model for the fashion house's Spring 2015 campaign, and it's none other than the quintessential cool girl, Joan Didion! That definitely scored a raging brainer from me!

Aging is not that much celebrated in our culture, so this is a welcoming respite. In some cultures, once you hit 50, you're already seen as a goner; everything goes downward from that point. A lot of bs if you ask me. Russel Crowe recently created a stir about his ageism comment. BS! It is a great thing to grow old! It is a privilege to grow old! I hope to be given that kind of privilege.

It is true that “we forget that 'old' in age typically does not mean 'old' in terms of relevance.” I love the confidence I have now that I'm older. I'm looking forward to what the universe will give me and what I can do in the next 70+ years! Hopefully, it includes landing a modeling stint like that octogenarian rock star above or becoming a vampire. You go, girlfriend!

Onward and Upward!


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